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dieing in your dream

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dieing in your dream

Postby Steve Mann on March 17th, 2011, 1:02 am

At the dream's ending.I am walking with someone on a path through a field. It is hot in bright sun and there is some dust in the air. The two of us are talking to each other in a conversation much like friends. He points ahead to a group of people and says "They will have what you want", everyone is black. I am carrying something in my hands like a white milk container. My hands are white but covered in dust. The friend or guide says he will ask them and begins talking to one particular individual in a language that I do not understand. I make eye contact with this one and hold up the container that I am carrying moving in his direction. He stands his ground pulls out a gun and shoots me in the chest, dead! I wake up, my heart is pounding and I am covered in sweat.
In my life I have recently been trying to resolve a problem with municipal bylaw enforcement.
Steve Mann
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Re: dieing in your dream

Postby chase on April 16th, 2011, 7:57 pm

The dream may reflect your feelings about having to deal with things you've neglected for a long time. Having dust in the air and on your hands points to issues that you've let sit around for a long time. The guy who points you towards the black people reflects some aspect of your personality that wants to deal with a problem or believes to have a solution to a problem. The milk carton symbolizes a situation or beliefs that balance you out or removes negative influences. Mostly likely something this is encouraging you to deal with these neglected issues.

The black people the guy who is helping you points you to symbolize desirous aspects of your personality. Things you think that you don't believe you can ever actually do. Either do to not having enough money, not enough resources, or simply don't believe it's even possible. You can't do anything except think about wanting something while feeling powerless to carry it out.

Guns in dreams symbolize the power to control. Either a situation or our thoughts. If a black guy shoots you in the chest this may symbolize a situation that makes you feel powerless to control it making you feel betrayed.

If you are having problems with government officials then the dream would appear to reflect your feelings about the difficulties you are having with them, and your feelings of not having the resources available to confront these issues as powerfully as you'd like. Meaning they want you to do things that you feel unable to totally comply with. Being shot in the chest may then reflect your feelings of dealing with the insensitive nature of bureaucracy as it tries to control you while also leaving you feeling betrayed or shocked by it's demands.
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Re: dieing in your dream

Postby Tsetse22 on November 23rd, 2012, 1:16 pm

The dream is you concerned if you can trust your lawyer.
Path is the legal battle procession.
Light is the truth, and the court. The dust is the points of view that obscure your truth (light/vision)
as well as the winds of whatever will be...

White hands prob represent a feeling of innocence.
Milk could be human kindness or perhaps your good intentions &/or hopes others will side with you.

Other language is conflicting opinions and stances and lack fluency in legal jargon and process.

The man "Standing his ground" was an interesting observation/choice of words since you approached without
intent or threat, so it's prob. indicative of how it bothers you someone feels the need
to fight you in the real.

Shot in the chest may indicate that you should caution yourself not to "lock too much up" into this emotionally.
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