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psycho neighbour

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psycho neighbour

Postby jenanddan2421 on June 26th, 2013, 8:59 pm

About 2 weeks before Christmas our neighbour went into drug psychosis and started shooting at our house with a fire arm, he also launched various objects at the like knives, bricks, chains ect... This all came from nowhere it was completely out of the blue... My husband and children have since moved from there... I had this horrible dream last night that the psychotic neighbour found us and got into our house and took my husband somewhere to kill him... As I was in search of my husband I found his leg that had been sliced off by the neighbour... Frantically I tried so desperately to find my husband as I knew he would be bleeding out and needing medical attention... I was unable to find him..

Can someone please help me with understanding this dream???
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