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Pulling Demon/Phantom

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Pulling Demon/Phantom

Postby Pruss on May 9th, 2013, 9:30 am

Last night I had a nightmare very similar to a few nightmares I've had months in the past. The themes of Ghosts, Evil Spirits, Family, Rotting food, and at the end of both dreams I was forcibly pulled away and suspended in the air. So clearly this is an issue that I struggle with. I'm gonna write out the entirety of last night's dream and see if you guys can make something of it. Any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated! It was absolutely terrifying and really, really real!

My mother, sister (both of which I moved away from this year), and I had all moved to back to a town home we had lived in in my past. Now the place was decrepit, there weren't many people left living on the street and the overall tone was grey. There were things from my childhood left, my old bed and dresser, toys in my sisters room. But it was the overall consensus that we were to stay in my mother's room at night. When I was young we used to all sleep together like that and it was really comforting.

During the night my sister and I took a bath together, something we did in our childhood, and spoke of how nice it was to be back in the place we grew up. I got out of the bath, and dried off. I opened under the sink to see if the soaps and clutter of the past was still there, instead I found a clear bucket filled with fish, most were dead but a few swam on. I closed it and my mom, from the other room, said something about the fact that it was there. My sister and I got dressed and went to snuggle with our mother, it almost felt like we were camping out in that house and we weren't really going to live there. Like it was a temporary measure.

A short ways into some chatter I don't remember I started to feel hungry in the dream, I made my way downstairs (alone) into the kitchen. There was only one light on. I headed to the back pantry to grab something, all that was left was rotting foods and a few cans of nonperishable pasta stuff and soup. I grabbed one, left the pantry and the first thing I saw was a cabinet opening and closing on it's own. In the dream I realized there was a ghost so I addressed it, outright, and told it to stop. To leave our things alone. For a moment it did, but then the light in the room started fluttering and I couldn't breath. I collapsed in a heap on the floor staring at something I couldn't really see, like, a shadow or the expectation of a phantom. Once the lights stopped flickering and the thing left me alone I ran upstairs to join my mother and sister.

The middle of the dream is shaky but I remember they accepted my experience and two other spirits joined us, they were purple and blue in color. Both of the spirits appeared to be evil before revealing themselves as "good guys" in the dream, which, I thought was really strange. One of the spirits I had to take a photo of to reveal, but in the photo she appeared to be strangling me. Now that I'm awake I don't think they were good guys after all. They said there were other spirits in the house, too, and one very evil one. Through the course of the middle section I ran into the evil entity 2 more times, or so. It was always when I was alone or had left the group.

Now, during the finale things were different. My sister, mom and I were all curled up on our bed, the spirits who were good were around the room and it felt pretty safe. We were talking about what this entity could be when the lights in the room started flickering and one of the other spirits vanished from out in front of me. The lights returned to normal and the ghost returned, apologizing to me and saying "I'm sorry, it's just that I saw him in your lap!" to which I responded "What?!" and then the lights in the whole room went out and I was pulled backwards by my legs in the safety of my family and "friends". The only thing that woke me up from this was my own voice shouting "I dispel you" (Which I'm still pretty freakin' unsettled by). The worst part is that the evil entity broke all the rules of the dream that were set out before the finale portion. Until that point it had only been attacks when I was alone, in the dark, the last one was when I was surrounded by family and lightness.

Please help, if you can. It's just an awful dream and I'm scared to go back to sleep, tonight.
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