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dreambible.com • View topic - Dark Shadow hunting me, is there a meaning of it?

Dark Shadow hunting me, is there a meaning of it?

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Dark Shadow hunting me, is there a meaning of it?

Postby dreamer1014 on April 28th, 2013, 5:58 am

his dream ..., i found it a little disturbing.., its like a devil or something

it happened when i was still a 1st year high school 2-3 days before my birthday
well i'm a guy who have this kind of like a bad attitude aura around and no one wants to be my friend because of what i did during the 1st few days of my school days
then this dream happened.... i was on a forest, the air is filled with floating wasps or something similar floating around the place and there was a trees with faces (three of them) with in the middle where i was had the face of scary face while the other two have sad and smile face ... then the cloud that is dark suddenly spoke... "do you want to be happy and have friends" then i replied Yes.., the cloud said " give me your soul" then that time i woke up then thats the end of it..,

for the next year (2nd yr of H.S.) i got friends and so in 3rd yr H.S. that time i had the dream again same time 2-3 days of my birthday but this time i was standing in the smiling face tree and the shadow speaks "give me your soul" and reaches out a form of a hand to my face and i wake up

but now that i graduated from H.S. i have this dream every friday

please help me what is this its bothering me for it wants my soul

thanks :)
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