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dreambible.com • View topic - Dying in dream / stabbed in back of the head

Dying in dream / stabbed in back of the head

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Dying in dream / stabbed in back of the head

Postby mandababii23 on April 13th, 2013, 2:23 pm

In my dream I was in a place I didn't recognize/not a very safe neighborhood. My boyfriend , a friend who I am not sure exactly it was ( in the dream) , and myself were in the apartment/house and 3 or 4 people broke in. One person was an older woman, one was a young man who I think my boyfriend and I knew, and one was another woman. In parts of the dream another person would occur but I couldn't tell who it was. The three of us were forced to sit on the couch while both people were on the two sides and the man was standing with a gun. He continued on to "play" russian roulet with the three of us, twice he did this. The gun had one bullet left in it at the end of the "game" and I remember thinking somehow I needed to get the gun out of his hands.. I managed to do so and it ended up in my boyfriend's hands and when I said to shoot him over and over again I felt like no one could hear me and my boyfriend didn't end up shooting him. I somehow escaped out of the house and ran down the street which was a dead end , the other person we knew ( friend) was standing on someone's lawn smoking and I screamed for her but she couldn't hear me and I felt like my voice was gone. I decided to turn around and go back realizing my boyfriend was still in the house and when I did my boyfriend, and the two intruders were walking towards me and then ended up at the side of me , my boyfriend to my left and the guy who had the gun in the beginning were to my right. He turned to shoot my boyfriend ( I thought he still had the gun ) and I pushed him out of the way and the young guy stabbed me in the back of my head. I can't vividly remember ever dying in a dream , and this one really scared me. I began bleeding and spitting up blood , fell to the floor , and before I blacked out I said " mommy loves you Jbug" ( he is my two and a half year old son).

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