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My Son

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My Son

Postby dreamer702 on April 6th, 2013, 9:06 am

the dream starts off with Noah, Colby, and I are on our front pouch. Noahs in his walker which the cloth is green when in real life its blue and red. Colbys talking to me(I dont remember what about) and Noah is by the step babbiling. All of a sudden he shoos off and is floating in the air. I runn after him and catch him probably 50 away from the steps. I grab the walker and him and run back to the house. I get inside And I think I was trying to tell Glenda and Larry what happened. Then we are all on the porch except larry and Noah( glenda, john, rosie, and me are on the porch). Larry pulled the truck up to the house and was going somewhere with Noah and put him in the truck and was walking back to the porch. (its night time now) I remember saying in my dream dont leave him alone like that something is trying to get him, then we here a nosie and shine a flash light at the truck and Noah is gone the carseat is still there( in real life its green in the dream its blue). Theres a pretty large dog pen in front of the house. We all run of the porch and I spot Noah floating the air again wraped in a black cloth head covered and all. Now everyone goes blurry except my brother. The thing runs in the dog pen and is in the dog house. Im on the other side of the dog pen and start running towards the gate john gets there first and is trying to pry the thing off of Noah but cant get him lose. When I finally made it there I woke up.

People in the dream: Glenda(mother of my boyfriend), Larry(boyfriend and father to my son and step son), Colby(step son hes 6), Noah(my son hes 6 months), Rosie(my sister), John(my brother)

<this dream teriffied me>
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Re: My Son

Postby mandababii23 on April 13th, 2013, 2:35 pm

It sounds like you are afraid of something happening to Noah ( Colby wasn't in danger) green symbolizes growth/inspiration and blue is a symbolization of depression. Black points to something missing or lacking , you also woke up before you were able to save Noah so possibly are you afraid you aren't able to protect Noah?
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