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death and possesion

Have a scary dream? Discuss your nightmares with others and find ways to overcome your fears.

death and possesion

Postby maddiekidss on March 26th, 2013, 8:48 am

it started out a black cat was following me around everywhere . no matter where i went it would just appear. i had this awful vibe coming from the cat. a evil feeling that seemed so obvious but no matter who i tried to tell no one would listen to me. eventually after a while people started acting extreamly wierd and possesed there eyes glowed green and they almost appeared to be zombies. i was then at my grandmothers house with my cousin she became infected but could somehow come in and out of the hypnosis to talk to me. my little 5 year old cousin whos father died last month then became infected,his father (who is actually dead in real life) took my baby cousin , his son , out back . i watched him cut his sons head off with a sword! i spacifically remember watching it fall to the ground it was terrible! some time passed and after some running crying and freaking out we were suddenly a huge crowd on a hill staring into almost a divine or holy sun. like the sun was the presence of something more than just the sun. like it was god or a higher power. we all stared aat it with glowing green eyes and my cousin (the one who had not gotten there head chopped off) looked at me and said " this is better, its how its sapposed to be , its our destiny to be this way, its a new time." then i woke up. creepiest dream ever.
the three people in my dream are my uncle who just recently died last month and his two kids one a 13 year old girl and another a 5 year old boy. the cat in the dream was solid black with a tiny white spot on the chest, it was so extreamly vivid it was scary!
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