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Postby airchick00 on March 19th, 2013, 12:17 pm

at a club watching these jocks throwing items and water at people then tehy came to my table and threw water at me. then i got up walked out they cont. to follow me out and then threw buckets of water on me whil walking down the street. I just cont. on and they finally let me be. while turning the corner i turned around and crawled into the grass thinking of getting the bucket at the side of the house and throwing water at them. i grab the bucket and make my way back. i sneak into the club and throw the water at them. the main guy stands up drenched in water and we all smile and start laughing.

( REAL LIFE---this guy is someone i know a past guy who i was seeing while in military and overseas at a remote location where he was single then 6 mths in find out when he went home on leave he got married. after i found this out I left the club upset he followed me back to my dorm room told me how sorry he was it was out of the blue moon this happened that its in process of ending how sorry he is and he really cares about me. how we are great with each other. at the time this was my first real boyfriend was very good when i was teen, i thought we were in love. he called his wife at the time told her it wasnt going to work right in front of me. i believed him. we actually cont. are relationship for another month before i PCS from the base. (left the base) when leaving i had my last night with him and he was suppose to meet me at the airport. he did not, due to location we did not have cell phones so didnt call or text him. realized then it was not what i thought. he did get a divorce with his wife though.)
(REAL LIFE--3 years later i am married with 1 child and we run into each other at another base my child husband and i. he gave me a smile and a hug said really nice to see you again. and my heart sank. wasnt sure the feeling then.honestly wanted to just punch the guy.ask him why he did what he did with me.)

back to dream- we are all laughing then because we are wet myself Mike a guy friend of his and another girl go to a gas station. while there we are looking for shirts to change out of our wet clothes. it was all detailed. orange camo shirts. disney shirts. rainbow shirts. i remember picking up the orange camo one and moving it around joking with Mike this would look so good on him. we then laughed left there and he drove me home.
next day while at work i was walking through the hall and there he was in a confrence room he seen me and came out we joked and talked dont remember of what in the dream just know i was laughing . then we walked down the hall he then pushed me into the side room and forced a kiss on me. and he walked out smiling sayinjg he will call later. he did we talked for while. and days went by, we were walking through the halls joking when a MSGT stoped us and teling us how great i am for him how he has changed and its becasue of me mike smiled. then we were at home and he grabed my hair and kissed me.that night i was sitting in my room and it clicked this was the same guy from few years back the kiss is what made me think about it. i knew i remembered him. and the past with his forceful ways how i kept telling him no and he didnt listen then.

that night we were out and i told him we were with one another before, that i remember now, when saying this it was like it clicked for him. he got this crease above his head which concerned me. we left that as it was and we both went home. though i was at home i was went to where he was in my dream like my thoughts brought me to his location. i listened in and he was talking to a friend on how i can ruin his career and he needed to fix the problem that he will finally get rid of it once and for all and all for some lousy one time.

next night he came over my mother was at the house and she was running errands. i let him in the tv was on and he sat next to me. i then kissed him and we started to take shirts off. he was very forcefull and rough more then i would have liked. i then took control and tried putting him in his place. we finshed and it was like a whole new him. he sat there satisfied and happy from what just happened. at that time the door opened and it was his friend. i had a skirt on but no shirt. he looked at me and was like very nice. i turned my face with slight smile said thanks then got up and grabbed a button shirt and pulled my skirt down. while up phone rang asking what we needed for the house and to write these things down it was my mom. went to the white board and while writing thought about writing on the cap Mike was here 3/18/13 but instead just put top back on.

the guys were sitting there chatting and they were talking about things being ok and good. mike asked for something to eat when i said there is stuff in fridge and went and took seat next to his friend. out of nowhere a lil boy was there 8 years old i would say asking for hotdogs. mike grabbed some and was cutting them up giving pieces out when he handed me some. i told him no that i do not like hot dogs and he was like eat some. i said no. and he said you will. at this point his friend told lil boy lets go outside and play ball they left and mike got closer to me and started shoving hot dog pieces into my mouth then closing my mouth with his hand. when i wasnt swalling he then grabbed his knife he was using and started stabbing my throat. i remember lying there bleeding out and next thing i know i drift. when i awake again he is standiong over me with chainsaw. at this time he starts cutting me to pieces still alive and breathing. then i am just there dead but watching what happens. he puts me into buckets and leaves me and blood everywhere.
police come investgate but nothing no one gets charged for my murder. he gets promoted month later and everyone is so sorry for his loss.

i have had dreams in past. me being stabbed to death me being dismembered. knifes.. guns.. black gloves covering my mouth... blood everywhere. rape.. sex.. but never can i remember this like this detailed. an di never actually have someone i know in the dream usually masked. or just blank faces.

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