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dreambible.com • View topic - Death Entitys and Confusion

Death Entitys and Confusion

Have a scary dream? Discuss your nightmares with others and find ways to overcome your fears.

Death Entitys and Confusion

Postby armydad on February 17th, 2013, 11:35 pm

So my dream starts with me watching a small girl (10-12) not like in the same room as her, but she is there and i'm not but i'm aware of her. Well this young girl walks into an annex to her house maybe. A room with no windows or other doors only an empty room with stairs that lead up to another empty room. This girl walks to the top of the stairs to find a dead cat, she isn't afraid or anything just picks up the cat and walks back down towards the door where she entered the room. Before reaching the door a strong voice enters her mind telling her to "bring me more!" I get the impression that the voice wants more cats and so does the little girl. She then walks back into her house and gets her cat and leeds it into the annex. She isn't in there but the cat is and at that moment the doors shuts and maybe 30 or so seconds pass then you hear a loud thud. She opens the door to find that the cat had been thrown accross the room into the wall and is now dead. I dont sense any fear from the girl just confusion. The next part of the dream is me as my own person standing next to a car outside of a house explaining the above situation to someone whom I think is a paranormal investigator. I tell them how the "entity" didn't like cats. It's daylight outside and we dont enter the house just stand on the vibrant green grass. The lady has a cat with her from her car and brings it out and sets it on the lawn. I can tell by watching the cat that it is uneasy. I'm watching this edgy cat very close when i start to notice that it's hair is being singed, there is no fire or heat, but the cats hair is burning off right in front of me. The cat dies right there on the lawn as it was burnt alive and I have no idea how this has happened. At this point I woke up and started to gather myself only to fall back asleep. My dreem picks back up with me in a room. I'm 6'4 217lbs and I dont get the "i'm small" feeling very often, but there was a figure in the room with me that made me fill tiny. I couldn't see any features just a presence. This "entity" procedes to tell me that I need to do exactly what it's telling me to or it will harm me. I then felt myself being lifted up and shaken like a rag doll and slammed into the wall. Not sure if i blacked out but when I opened my eyes it was still there standing over me reminding me that I needed to do exactly as it said or more harm would come. I felt very confused but not one ounce of fear. I looked at this thing and spent time trying to figure out what exactly it was but wasn't able to before I woke up for good. This dream alarms me because i've recently starting going back to church and attending bible study, but i'm not that religious of a guy but i'm opening up to it. Any thoughts to help me sort this out would be great. Thanks for reading my dream and offering your opinions.
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