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dreambible.com • View topic - Engaged to a ghost/demon?!

Engaged to a ghost/demon?!

Have a scary dream? Discuss your nightmares with others and find ways to overcome your fears.

Engaged to a ghost/demon?!

Postby Jachisangma on April 22nd, 2018, 7:35 am

so ....i moved my house...i was staying with another girl. the house was real scary. we were sleeping. i suddenly woke up but had my eyes closed. so suddenly she said dont look. now i had a strong urge to not to listen to her. so i looked at my feet and saw three ghost glaring at us. i closed my eyes and she was like " why did u look!". i looked at them again and saw they were slowly creeping near us. i was soo scared . i grabbed her hard. i looked up in the ceiling and saw another ghost or demon . it was either male or female. i couldnt tell cuz it had long hair . its face was bloody and full of cuts. burned or something. it cut its lips a little and that blood dropped on my forehead. i think i fainted after that. then i woke up by a call. i took it and turns out a guy has been disturbing me . i was about to scold him when a hand snatched my phone away. that hand belonged to a boy sitting on my bed . he answered the phone and said " she is my fiance. we r going to get married". and no i dont have any bf nor fiance in real life. i confronted him like how can he be my fiance. he said that the time that blood dropped on my forehead i became his. it was like a deal. that ghost or demon was him. i was not afraid or angry for some reason. i asked if it was his true form...that ghost ver i saw earlier. he said " do you want to see?" im like " no no no no no no...im good" then he either smirked or smiled. then i asked if it was his human form. he thought for a while before answering and then said "yes". after that we talked for a while. then time skipped ? i was in new area... he forgot about me . like lost memory. and i lost him. so i was searching him . running here and there. the area looked like cellar. then i reached a room with was locked. with the flick of my hand the door opened. and i found him. turns out a girl was trying to make him remember. it was as if if he kisses me willingly ...he would remember . i kissed him and i woke up.
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