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Grim reapers

Have a scary dream? Discuss your nightmares with others and find ways to overcome your fears.

Grim reapers

Postby Jachisangma on April 22nd, 2018, 7:04 am

so.... it was a forest... it was dark and foggy. i saw someone passing by a open space which was real foggy. it wore black cloak like grim reaper and had a tall scythe. then i saw two of them. one of them was calling me "sumi" which is not my name nor do i know anyone with that name. he was calling me. and thats how the 1st grim reaper dream i ever had.

after a while.... i had another one. but this time i was working as a grim reaper. i was in a factory for some reason. i looked at a machine room. my dog was barking at something there. then all of a sudden ..my dog became an green orb . it went to the machine room and at the very end ...it lightened as if the orb was a spot light and saw a shadow of a man which stayed for a sec there. then it felt like the shadow was sprinting towards me. the light was trying hard to follow so that i could see the shadow. then someone was telling me like " u have to do this ... u have to do this like this" then i reached my hand out just as the shadow came in front of me. and then green light glowed from my hand and that shadow was gone. after that as if my work was done i stood in front of the door of that factory. i opened the door and it all zoomed by me. as if the factory i was in ...was a bullet rain and outside everything looked like running. then it stopped and look like staircase of a mansion. i went up and went to a room. it was like bunker. then i got fresh and slept. then woke up in real life.
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