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Hard to breathe

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2017, 10:24 am
by Natyag125
Hello, I had a dream that is making me feel like I can´t breathe well.

I just remember that I was laying on the floor, on my left side I think, close to being on a fetal position, but not quite. I could not talk, I could not react to the environment around me. There were a few people around, one of them was my mom. She started saying that I needed CPR or something, and then she gets on her knees next to me and pushes hard on my side, as if she were doing a resusitation technique... but it was on my side! these were no chest compressions!. I felt like she was harming me more, pushing too hard, leaving me more out of breath. I felt like I was dying, and I couldn´t stop her, I couldn´t talk for a while, nor I could move. This happened for a bit until I could finally kind of say "no" "stop". I believe I woke up then, I do not remember anything else. My mom is a biology professor, so it makes no sense that she would apply that technique on my side. I have been awake for 4 hours now and I still feel like I can´t breathe properly, and I am in tears, sort of. It does not feel right. Can anybody bring some light on what this dream might mean or the effect is having on me right now, that I am awake?

Thank you.


Re: Hard to breathe

PostPosted: March 21st, 2018, 1:59 pm
by ChristieBeckley
Hello, :) this seems like it was a nightmare and was given from the dark side (from satan) and such. Make sense?

Next time call on Jesus to help you after having a dream like this, and He will! Okay!

There is power in the name of Jesus (and demons hate his name because of how powerful it is!) and so they will run and flee when you
say His name! They are scared of Jesus and his power (and all of that)

Also, the demons (or satan), was giving you this dream to try and scare you and to put fear into you. Okay. Make sense?
And sometimes it works, especially when some people do not know where it is coming from.
So many times they are not playing nice and want to scare us (and they are VERY real!) Okay.

So next time just call on God (and the name of Jesus) and He can help you! Okay!

Okay thanks and God bless you!


:) By the way, I have a facebook group that I teach in (and help people with their dreams), and it is kind of like this forum.
You may like it and want to check it out (it is up to you).

In the Facebook search box type in: "Unlock Your Dreams Workshop". (You should then see it, and then you can join it) Okay! Thanks!

Re: Hard to breathe

PostPosted: November 20th, 2019, 1:36 pm
by ElizVanZee
Lying on the floor reflects the idea of lying down on the job. When doing this, you appear to be relying on the left side, that is, relying on thinking/thoughts that come from Satan, The almost fetal position may imply "being born again" but it can also suggest being in a nearly fatal position. In this position you seem as if paralyzed, unable to make a move as well as unable to speak up. (can't talk)

Your mother represents an emotional aspect of yourself, one representing your inherited belief system. Being unable to breathe implies being unable to draw upon higher consciousness which is symbolized by air. The air itself represents God's thinking/knowledge. Emotionally, using your beliefs, you are using a technique (the CPR) well known to aid in drawing upon higher consciousness but using it incorrectly. Emotionally, your own beliefs are applying too much pressure upon you. [Your reality would not let you see this point as you know your mother as capable of using CPR correctly.]

When you finally find your voice to speak for your own feelings, you would demand this activity be stopped. Note that if you are lying on your left side, the 'CPR' is being applied to your right side, i.e. the pressure is being applied upon the correctness of your feelings.

P.S. [All dreams are from God contrary to popular opinion. Dreams are The Lord's spiritual vehicle of communication but they need to be interpreted with a thorough knowledge of symbolism.]