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dreambible.com • View topic - Recurring dream that has evolved into a nightmare

Recurring dream that has evolved into a nightmare

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Recurring dream that has evolved into a nightmare

Postby toowiredup on September 1st, 2017, 5:11 pm

For years I have had a recurring dream that never really bothered me because it seemed like one about textbook fear of my own inadequacies and the like. The dream always happened when I was doubting myself or worried about something. It played out in some variant where I was hanging around a house with my ex-wife, and not really worried, and then a realization hits that it's my father in law's place. Then there's an awareness that he's on his way home and he doesn't know that I'm there. So there's a mad dash to get the place cleaned up, and get out before he gets there. Sometimes my ex is on my side, sometimes not (in terms of helping me get the place together - her rationale when the dream has this variant is that she's his daughter, so he won't care if she's there). I'd always end up getting it together and getting out, just barely, no harm, no confrontations etc. The dream has played out this way for YEARS (literally, my ex and I have been divorced for 14 years).

It's now evolved and not well. Two nights ago it was much of the same business except we were in an airport or something, and while I was aware a confrontation was possible, I thought it wouldn't happen. But it did, and it was incredibly angry. For some reason a bunch of people were going to Paris (including my ex) and I was sending them off; my ex FIL shows up and just starts screaming and yelling at me and telling me that I'm terrible, useless, etc. And then hands me a ticket. I rejected it, even though I REALLY wanted to go, because I knew if I took the ticket I would have lost any sense of dignity at that point. Last night, the dream went haywire. I was in a house that I lived in with an ex-girlfriend (that I met 10 years after my divorce); the woman in the dream narrative was my High School girlfriend, and the "tormentor" so to speak, was again my ex FIL. Only this time not only did he attack me verbally, he alternated between verbal assaults and attempts to teach me things, and it culminated with him trying to shoot me while I stood in my garage and he in my driveway.

I have no idea how to view this, or what it means, but the violent turn this has taken has really disturbed me all day, and I've just been kind of muttering "WTF?" to myself (not literally, but at points it seems like it. Any insight whatsoever would be helpful.
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