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Donald Trump Nightmare!

PostPosted: July 29th, 2017, 6:39 pm
by Cecilia 7979
He created lots of Jobs ; manufacturing and beauty industry. But required job seekers to get 1-2 years of job training at technical schools. He eliminated Government grants to help pay for tuition, and cut funding to job training schools with large AfrAfrican American students receiving job training for textile factory employment. He then took me as a concubine! Did not have sex with me because of imperfections and was scheduling plastic surgery procedures. I had a baby in my arms and accused it of being native American. Bit the baby's arm and tossed it to the ground. Then I was to clean his home. He had concubines there who were beautiful even some 50 year Olds. Marla Maples was there. She told me how he payed for her surgeries and almost made her get reconstructed feet because she was flat footed. She refused and he quit having sex with her but kept her in his harem/ house. MMelana was the highest level concubine with the most privileges. Then Donald Trump attempted to kill as many native American males as possible. Then I woke up!