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dreambible.com • View topic - Being kidnapped at a party and escaping

Being kidnapped at a party and escaping

Have a scary dream? Discuss your nightmares with others and find ways to overcome your fears.

Being kidnapped at a party and escaping

Postby justwondering12 on July 8th, 2017, 10:48 am

Last night I had a dream where I was playing hide and seek at my friends birthday party. We were all out back when a afew girls decided to walk back inside the house. Through a window, I saw a man, who i think was the owner of the house's father or guardian, come up to the girls who entered and kill them. I was terrified. It was me and this girl who i don't think i know in real life. We soon came in contact with the man and he said he wasn't going to kill us- yet. For some reason, he let me keep my phone. I texted my dad to come get me and that i was in trouble and that i was scared but that is the only thing my fingers would let me type. Whenever i tried to type "call the police" or "someone has kidnapped us" my phone would shut down or something happened so i couldn't text that. There were no bolts on the doors or anything, but there were many adults who we assumed was working with our captor. There were even some sitting on the front patio, so if we ran out the front door, they would catch us. Our captor started making dinner, and i remember him saying "We'll watch a movie in one hour" That gave me hope that i had time to escape. But then, the other girl that was stuck in the house with me got up and ran out the front door. The captor didn't run after her, he just got frustrated and cursed a few times. So then, I tried. I peeked my head out the door to find a few older people sitting in chairs in front of the driveway. i asked, "Have you seen (name of the girl who was stuck and just escaped)?" One of them said that she ran off and the rest just laughed. So i oil my chance and i ran. And i ran and i ran. I kept running but i had no idea where i was going. I tried looking on google maps but my body wouldn't allow me to take out my phone. At one point I woke up, but when i went back to sleep, my nightmare continued and this doesn't happen to me a lot. What does it mean???
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