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dreambible.com • View topic - the beautiful woman who died and came back to life

the beautiful woman who died and came back to life

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the beautiful woman who died and came back to life

Postby HoangNam on March 19th, 2017, 11:28 pm

I gave up on masturbation about half a year ago and hav come back to it occasionally only to see God's wrath effect my life (broke glasses on accident after masturbating could not afford new ones cus i am homeless and unemployed, lost my food stamps card after masturbating). I hav had dreams of masturbation. Yesterday i had a dream that i encountered this beautiful woman. There was a religous christian who makes YouTube videos in the background saying something against sexual lust, but i denied him and thought it was ok to embrace this beautiful woman. Suddenly she seems to die. But then she comes back to life and looks at me with an evil toothy smile and her eyes are i think white completely. Suddenly im in first person seemingly on all fours crawling really, really fast in what seems to be a pitch black attic. The floor a few inches in front of me is illuminated, but everything else is pitch black and i cud c the ground under me passing by. I assume it was an attic because i cud c the floor was wooden. While i was crawling the lady's face was in my view sort of opaque and her pupils were completely black with a gaping evil look of satisfaction . Im not sure if it was me who was crawling or if it was the woman i saw. I felt fear and my heart racing as i was crawling so fast and i said to myself in my mind my name over and over trying to calm myself down, "nam, nam,nam,nam!" Then i woke up my heart racing, gasping and completely afraid. The next day after i woke up i had the strong urge to masturbate and did so knowing it was sexual immorality. I knew atm that God really did not want us to commit sexual immortality and i feared God for the things he brought upon me for doing so previously, but at that moment, the compulsion was just too great. I had not had dirty thoughts on my mind before i went to sleep nor was my dream that night in any way arousing.
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Re: the beautiful woman who died and came back to life

Postby chase on July 2nd, 2017, 5:10 pm

I think the dreams are actually telling you that you are too paranoid or afraid of God punishing you for not being perfect. You are too sensitive and easily scared of not being perfect.

The beautiful woman who died and came back to life is probably a symbolic representation of your feelings about God always carrying, accepting, or helping you. She dies and comes back to life to reflect your feelings about God disappearing and then returning based on whatever actions you do in life. I think you are too focused on your personal actions being the cause of your problems and perhaps God is not behind punishing you...you just believe he is to the point of fearing it.
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Re: the beautiful woman who died and came back to life

Postby ChristieBeckley on March 21st, 2018, 3:01 pm


I wanted to reach out to you and help you. :)

( I am a seasoned dream interpreter), and also I help people on the subject of masturbation. (when you are "medically speaking"... (needing a release).. then it is not wrong) (and this is because of the natural build up of hormones, and how it naturally happens, and then you need that release and such (You kind of have to have it (a release) and there is no way around it, it just kind of happens sometimes naturally. I hope that makes sense). (Kind of like why men sometimes have what is called: "a wet dream" because of needing that natural release of hormones that gets built up in them. It is just a natural thing that happens (the build up of hormones) And you may feel that about once to twice a year (or a little more). And in this case, it is not wrong (and is sometimes needed).

But, with all of that being said.. if you are doing it because you are always having bad thoughts, or bad sexual thoughts, then that is different (and God doesn't want you to do this, because there are reasons.

One reason is that it is a form of sexual perversion
, and these types of thoughts can be like an "addiction" and it can get "unhealthy" (and it can corrupt your mind, soul, heart, and spirit (and you lose your "innocence" also like a child). It can also "distort" your mind, or your view on life (and in life), and cause you to look at people in ways you shouldn't (like they are JUST a sexual object ONLY (forgetting that they are a person also with a heart and soul and need help many times)

Bad thoughts like that can also eventually lead to rape, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment (you could be in jail, or in prison, for the NEXT sexual harassment case (that is for anyone reading this), and also it can lead to child pornography or child molestation.

Sexual thoughts are only supposed to be for you and your spouse (the one you are married to) and it is to stay in those boundaries (within healthy boundaries)
For example; A fire contained within a fire pit is a "healthy boundary"and such, but once it is loose and somehow out of the fire pit, then the FOREST can catch on fire, and now it is NO longer in a "safe and healthy boundary" (and now it is a raging wildfire!!! Make sense?!

And that can happen also with your life! It can get "unsafe" or "unhealthy" out of the right and "safe boundaries", and anything else gets "unhealthy" and is not good for you. (Remember Sodom and Gomorrah and how EVIL they got with their sexual perversions and addictions? They were out constantly raping each other out in the streets (and out in the OPEN public and town squares and such, and in broad daylight!) and hurting each other constantly! Crazy! Yes!)

God had to bring all that to an end because they would not STOP being evil towards each other in sexual ways! Make sense? So it got very unhealthy! They were very unhealthy in their minds and all of that.

So it is not healthy, and it can lead down bad or dark roads in your life!
(And that is why a lot of times people will also cheat on each other, from not watching or controlling their thoughts right. Nor do they have self-control! That is what people these days need more of: Self-control! It used to be a virtue to have, and was taught on a lot back then! Remember?)

It is like the saying.. "You are what you eat!"

And so in this case, it is:
"You ARE what you think on too much!" (you become that.. and you BECOME that person)

Or: "You are what you "see" and "watch" too much also! I know trust me! (your brain is like a sponge and soaks in EVERYTHING and retains many things seen and heard... and then you become that. You don't want to become tainted like that. But have instead self-control.

You want to make sure you stay child-like towards God (and try to keep your innocence). Matthew 18:3

And in the Bible says you have to stay like a child in your heart to make it to heaven.
Like how you were when you were like 5 or 6 years old (young and innocent in heart and in mind) that is how you make it to Heaven. By staying innocent in heart and in mind and being child-like in your faith, Okay! Thanks and God bless!

You can find that in Matthew 18:3 Thanks and God bless!

I really hope all of this helped you ( I do). And I want it to help others also who will in the future read this thread and post.

But God is good and can help you every step of the way, okay! And God does love you, and DOES want to help you! :)

I am feeling that from God, okay! So remember, that God does love you! Okay! And you can get there and make it! Okay! :) :)

:) By the way, you may like this... I have a facebook group that I teach in (and help people with their dreams), and it is kind of like this forum.
You may like it and want to check it out (it is up to you). It is free also! :)

In the Facebook search box type in: "Unlock Your Dreams Workshop". (You should then see it, and then you can join it) Okay! Thanks!
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