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dreambible.com • View topic - Dark figure haunts me and my girlfriend

Dark figure haunts me and my girlfriend

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Dark figure haunts me and my girlfriend

Postby Nickannikki on January 18th, 2017, 6:24 am

My girlfriend was having a bad dream so I put my g and on the back of her head and began to pray for her. I laid back down and instantly went to sleep. I was trying to sit up in the bed but I was either too week or was being held down where I couldn't get up. I was trying so hard to get my girlfriend help pull me up but I couldn't speak. Then the bedroom door opened the wrong way the dresser drawers came out and were spinning. A dark figure started to come through the bedroom door with glowing green eyes the rest was dark and hooded. Then my girlfriend woke me up. What could any of this mean? Also weird things have been happening around the house lately one of my tools cut on upstairs and neither of us were up there and we have both been seeing things
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Re: Dark figure haunts me and my girlfriend

Postby HoangNam on March 20th, 2017, 12:05 am

That dark figure u saw was clearly a demon. In hell testimonies and from my own nightmare, i know that demons can hav eyes of completely glowing red, white, green etc. Also, if u look in the bible i think about Jesus's transfiguration and in revelation when he comes to fight satan and his armies that his eyes are glowing completely like fire or light. In the revelation part, it says that no one knows who this warrior is and it is written on him "king of kings and lord of lords," so it is clearly Jesus, the holy son of God. These demons are fallen angels and are also from the heavenly realm so they possess the same traits as the holy entities in heaven. Demons fear the name of Jesus and Jesus has the authority over all demons. U c in matthew he casts out the demons in this one guy into a heard of pigs and another time he confronts demons in a man and they say something like what do u want with us son of God hav u come to torment us? It also says somewhere that people who truly believe in Jesus also hav his authority over demons. The apostles casted out demons but sometimes they couldn't and Jesus said to them it was because of their lack of faith. Like the Pharisees as well who tried to cast out a demon in Jesus's name and the demon said to them who are you to tell me wat to do. The demon is either in u or is in ur house. If u can't cast it away with your faith, get someone who can such as a pastor. I regrettably hav come across info about demons thru special afterlife testimony and medium videos. What u r describing like seeing things and other unexplainable things is common demonic manifestation. Also, demons are the spiritual enemy. They seek to lead u astray and into hell. That demon came to u in a dream as aggression towards you using your faith to help your girlfriend. that demon was likely afflicting your gitlrlfriend. It says somewgere in the bible that satan comes to us in our sleep and try to lead us astray. I saw this video on YouTube about this guy who was having shadow figures come into his room at night and do terrible things to him. He starts to turn to Jesus and the aggresion and manifestation get worser. He eventually has a vision of Jesus and converts to Christianity. U should probably leave this up to a deliverance church or a pastor. They will know what to do.
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