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Funky Dream. interpretations requested

PostPosted: October 21st, 2014, 8:58 pm
by Ms.Kelly
Hi, so I dreamt last night and I don't always dream, but when I do dream one that is vivid and is remembered to the detail it usually means something about the future.

It starts out with me in a place that's a cool (like blues and bluish purples and bluish greens) color scale. I'm in a bedroom I don't recognize laying face down in bed and a woman I know from childhood with blond hair is sitting/standing near me (I couldn't see her but we will call her Becca, I know who she is). I roll over and she touches the top of my belly and says, "I can feel his head." and I reply while trying to push the baby's head down from my sternum, "He's making it very difficult to breath."

Next part is like a second REM cycle: I'm in the same place, but now I am pregnant with a second child, and the first is in an old fashioned stroller. I'm wearing what feels like a flowing dress that is cinched with a bodice that starts just under the bust and laces up and so is Becca. Then it seemed like I blinked and my child is gone and I'm not pregnant and I am faced with my ex-husband who is being held down by (Tom, is what we'll call him I don't know him) then I start stabbing him in the chest and I feel his sternum break after like 5 stabs.

the rest of it is kind of blurry. any help?