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dreambible.com • View topic - Funky Dream. interpretations requested

Funky Dream. interpretations requested

Discuss Lucid Dreaming Experiences And Techniques. Talk to other people about how to control your dreams.

Funky Dream. interpretations requested

Postby Ms.Kelly on October 21st, 2014, 8:58 pm

Hi, so I dreamt last night and I don't always dream, but when I do dream one that is vivid and is remembered to the detail it usually means something about the future.

It starts out with me in a place that's a cool (like blues and bluish purples and bluish greens) color scale. I'm in a bedroom I don't recognize laying face down in bed and a woman I know from childhood with blond hair is sitting/standing near me (I couldn't see her but we will call her Becca, I know who she is). I roll over and she touches the top of my belly and says, "I can feel his head." and I reply while trying to push the baby's head down from my sternum, "He's making it very difficult to breath."

Next part is like a second REM cycle: I'm in the same place, but now I am pregnant with a second child, and the first is in an old fashioned stroller. I'm wearing what feels like a flowing dress that is cinched with a bodice that starts just under the bust and laces up and so is Becca. Then it seemed like I blinked and my child is gone and I'm not pregnant and I am faced with my ex-husband who is being held down by (Tom, is what we'll call him I don't know him) then I start stabbing him in the chest and I feel his sternum break after like 5 stabs.

the rest of it is kind of blurry. any help?
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