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What does this dream mean(Furryteddybear flipflops)

PostPosted: September 20th, 2014, 2:47 pm
by dreamer5738
I had a dream that I went into a food bank,They were having some kind of lunch or dinner.lots of people and table all set up. I was wearing flip flops with a light tan teddy bear on both of them.both flips flops had teddy bear far all around the flip flop. on both of the teddy bears' s head, they had a pretty pink flower. It looked alot like the teddy bear I have.
I have a light tan teddy bear with a flower on her head. I also have a white bunny made out of yarn.Hes kinda of a large stuffed bunny size.his ears are black and the top of his head is black and has a pink fluffy nose.I bought him 2 and half years ago at a thrft store.He has to be hand made cuz you can get him from any store. back to the dream. I was walk,it was almost like the teddy bears on my flip flops were moving.well maybe cuz of the moving of my walking.I almost past this table with a old lady sitting there.My shoes eaither jumped off or slipped off my feat.They went under the table she was sitting.I bent over to get them from under the table.the lady was freaking out and telling me those are her shoes.
There was another pair of flip flops under the table that looked like the yarn my bunny is made out of with his bunny tale sticking out from the end of the shoes where your heal would go. I think I got my shoes back.I was about to leave.Everyone was lining up behind me to get food.The lady got in line.She was telling me off but don't remeber everything she said. But I remeber her telling me how unfair I'm being.

Re: What does this dream mean(Furry Teddybear flipflops)

PostPosted: September 20th, 2014, 3:03 pm
by dreamer5738
I had another dream before this one.I had a dream I was in some cafeteria. Kinda like a elementary cafeteria. All the lighs were was preety dark but I still still see.I was sitting at a table with my sister.I havn't seen her for almost 4 years.she was sitting 3 seats away from me. I remeber talking to her.she seem calm but also upset over something. I think she was smoking. The last time my sister was inmy life she hated cigeretts.But lately I've heard rumors from others that shes been smoking. Back to the dream not sure what else happen but Iremeber sisting at different table with a guy I've never met in real life. I liked him in the dream.Not sure if we were in a relationship or not. But He seemed to really like me.In my waking life I have thought about changing my name. I was talking to him about it in the sream.he told me I have such a pretty name.he told me not to change. I kind gave me a intense feeling about choose to change my name or keep my name.

Re: What does this dream mean(Furryteddybear flipflops)

PostPosted: October 2nd, 2015, 6:40 pm
by destino123
Your dream means you have some form of "confusion" in your life. Simply face your fears and pray more for courage.