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Paintings in dreams

PostPosted: October 13th, 2013, 12:06 pm
by speedstr
I've searched the internet but haven't found the answer.
I had a dream that I told someone to clean my paintings, he then pulled out a palette knife and began to scrape the paint off my paintings. For some reason I was fine with that as it was happening gradually (lol). I went away to come back and to find that that he had scraped so much off them I would actually have to paint them again because what I was seeing was just blocks of colour instead of all the detail and thought I had put in. I was angry at the result.
I ended up dreaming about flying afterwards but I could only fly say 6 feet off the ground and only for so long. I was trying to get home, I told my friend (who I've not seen in a long time) who was driving his car next to me that I could only fly for so long and asked could I have a lift, he said sorry I'm not going that way. He vanished round a corner and I stopped flying only to find that, at my feet were birds nests buried in the ground with say six or less feathers in a line along the top of each nest. I don't know how many nests there were.
If someone could shed some light on this, that would be great?
I had a strange dream from the night before as well.

Re: Paintings in dreams

PostPosted: May 28th, 2014, 4:08 am
by Mike_from_Can.
Hello and blessings:
Painting in a dream is to revamp or to renew somthing.
Flying is a form of freedom in the spirit.