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Dying in order to wake up

PostPosted: April 22nd, 2018, 7:43 am
by Jachisangma
so i have seen these type of dreams a lot....
so i was in a room . my dad was the ghost or something. somehow i realized im having a nightmare. i need to wake up. so i asked my dad to kill me. but he wouldnt. i asked him ...nagged a lot.. he literally got angry and took a piece of broken plastic scale which actually i had in real life that time. he grabbed me and cut my neck with it. and i woke up.

another time i saw i was in a mall. the mall collapsed from earth quake. so normally i fell with it and died. and as a result i woke up. but after a while i slept again. and turns out i didnt die in that quake . because just as i slept.. i woke up in my dreams in that destroyed mall where i fell.