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dreambible.com • View topic - dreaming of moon, earth, shooting stars, descending elevator

dreaming of moon, earth, shooting stars, descending elevator

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dreaming of moon, earth, shooting stars, descending elevator

Postby fjbeets on May 27th, 2017, 8:46 pm

Recently I had the following dream and is looking for an interpretation to it. I am busy searching the net to find more information as well. I know very well that one can have various dreams, dreams from God, dreams from demons and also just basic dreams from self. I also know that one can have visions and I distinctly know the difference between dreams and visions. I had many visions in my lifetime. This is a dream and feels like it has some spiritual significance to it.

When I refer to moments I am referring to something that happens regularly like days on earth (moments like morning, afternoon or evening) except in space there are no days. It is just regular moments that occur. This dream was in full color and felt very real. Just to add, this was not a nightmare at all.

"At certain moments I would go stand at some place on the moon watching the earth and some stars shooting past the earth at a distance. These are special moments because I am fascinated by what I see. The earth had this beautiful bright dark blue color and the shooting stars was white, bright and magnificent leaving a trail as they shoot across space. Every time a moment like this would occur, I would go outside, standing on the moon, to watch the stars shooting past the earth. After a moment like that passed, I would simply go back to what I usually do. The last moment that I remember, I was standing on the moon watching earth and looking to the right, seeing the stars approaching like all previous moments before it. On that last moment the moon started descending. I found myself in an elevator on the moon, watching through the open doors as the earth started disappearing in an upward direction. In the top right corner of the door opening I could see trails as the shooting stars passed by. Out of curiosity I walked towards the open doors of the elevator to see what was happening. As I approached the door I could see the earth in full view again with the shooting stars passing by but the elevator started shaking, shaking from one side to the other. After the elevator shook, it tilted backwards throwing me towards the back of the elevator. I could no longer see the earth or the shooting stars. I started floating in an upright position in the back of the elevator because gravity seems to have fled. As I watched what was happening, the elevator tilted forwards with the intention of getting me out of it. It was as though I am being sucked out of it by something from the outside. As I was sucked towards the open doors I saw two chains hanging on each side of the door. By the time I got to the open doors of the elevator I grabbed both chains with my hands and held onto it while something tried to suck me out of the elevator."
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