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dreambible.com • View topic - I was doing witchcraft

I was doing witchcraft

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I was doing witchcraft

Postby Lionami on October 2nd, 2016, 12:20 pm

Just to start off I am Christian so this is odd for me. At first I was in the hospital working with some nurses (I'm studying to be a nurse). I had my own nurse to follow around and patients to work with but I ended up just doing my own thing. I remember a I was in a classroom of people and they were sitting at separate desk. someone lifted the top of their desk and a black hole was present and they jumped in. I decided to follow, apparently it was a short cut to a different part of the hospital but we were outside. I remember I pointed out I really liked that place because of the bridge and bench randomly placed in a cave beneath the bridge. The person I was with turned the direction away from the bridge and decided to head to the school center of the hospital. I followed the people and enjoyed my time but it was time to go back to the original hospital and meet with my staff. So the person I was with took out a black mirror, a rose, a candle, and some incense. They smeared half the candle on the mirror, lit it, and took the petals of the rose and they said to themselves "what's the words again, oh yea" and we said "shamannah hamma, shamanah hammah." We then dived through the black mirror and back we were. I ended up meeting with the staff of the hospital and something was off about some people. I remember someone asked me "why do you wanna work here". I said "well, to help people not just physically but help the souls of the people who have no hope. I know that there are chapelins but I have a part to do myself." One nurse came to me and said "you know I have the ability to keep that girl over there young, doesn't matter how old you get she'll never look a older and with makeup, but she never perfects her report." I ended up on an elevator and pressed the first floor. A doctor said "why you wanna go to the red room, you can't ever be there by yourself." And he unpressed the button. I said "I wanna go back to the outdoor school portion of the hospital". Someone said "that's not in this state it's in Francisco/Africa". I just realized I previously teleported, just like celebrities have the power to do and wanted to go again. so I went back in the classroom looking for a black hole and jumped in. It was the wrong hole, the class looked at me confused. And I looked at the laptop and saw a web page saying Haiti. And a link said "Time portal" and clicked on it and tried to jump in but just smacked my face. People laughed and asked what I was doing and remembered I didn't say the words. I became hesitant because I didn't wanna go alone. Someone offered to go with me and took a black mirror and the supplies neccesariy to return. She asked "where do you wanna go?" I said Haiti "I wanted to go and help the Christians but I actually said I wanna go because there's a lot of voodoo there." She and I said the words and we were in Haiti. I remember a bunch people staring at me and I also noticed we were on a beachy, forestry African plain next to the ocean. A person had a symbol on their left arm, it was an acute right triangle (red) with some other symbol I couldn't comprehend. For some reason I correlated it to the illuminati. Then, suddenly everyone started running. And I ran too because it looked like a wave of something was after everyone. For some reason some people were slowly running like in a dream when you can't run. The girl that came with me was running like that but I ran past everyone (strange because I can't run in dreams sometimes). I ran to the safe zone and the girl was gone and so was the black mirror, I was on my own. I saw army trucks like they have in iraq. I noticed cultic symbols on them and they peered at me like I didn't belong but was delighted to have me. I ended up in a group of old women. And a Middle Aged women with long black hair was saying words to me I didn't understand and speaking like she was prophesying. People grew suspicion and stared at me. And I said to the women "can we go talk about this somewhere else?" And I noticed what she was saying grabbed everyone's attention she said "your blood is of an addict." And I said "my blood is clean because I'm not an addict anymore" (I used to do drugs). I looked around and just realized maybe I shouldn't have said that. The women said "don't you see everyone here is dead? We here eat your blood". And her face changed and eyes became dark and demonic and her tounge became like a serpants and all those dead people began coming after me and trying to bite into me and I woke up. What's strange was not only how vivid this dream was but also because I remembered it so well.
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Re: I was doing witchcraft

Postby WhiteVaultGirl on January 14th, 2017, 1:10 am

Not all dreams are from God. The devil also gives us dreams. When I read it I noticed right away that its a dream from the devil. Declare the Blood of Jesus over you.
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