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dreambible.com • View topic - From lovely to horror.

From lovely to horror.

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From lovely to horror.

Postby dreamer299 on January 10th, 2013, 9:28 pm

Dream: I were walking towards a beautiful big house in the middle of a valley. There were trees, a lake, birds and a small boat bridge going half way over the lake.

Everything was just perfect and beautiful and I felt lovely walking towards the house. When I got down there a person met me who I followed around as he showed me the inside of the house. I don't know who the person was. I can't even tell what he was wearing or anything.

I followed him around and there was people everywhere, no one that I knew and I cant say how they looked either but overall they seemed happy.

We walked into the kitchen and there was about 5 people there just doing there thing. There was meat, cheese and fruits all over the tables but the person wanted to show me the fridge. It was one of those huge industrial fridges with a big iron door.

He opened the door and I saw these bleeding, skinless, half frozen but alive people, reaching out for me and screamed like I have never heard screams before. It was an overnatural high pitch sound that still haunts me today. Right as the door were opened a feeling came through me. Like if I had lost my abillity to feel, I felt nothing at all.

I just stood there for a while looking and I didnt even feel sorry for them. The person closed the door and all the happy people, the food and the warm, happy feelings was gone. I just stood there and felt nothing.

As I stood there with only the person who showed me around left, I began to feel a stronger and stronger pain in my back and just as I realised I was on fire, I woke up... But the pain was still there when I was awake and I ran out on the bathroom to see if I was on fire.

Significant Life Events: We had alot of trouble in the family at the time. My mom and my dad are separated and there hate to eachother were thrown on/at us (me and my 2 seplings). They both direclty told me why I should hate the other person and why I shouldnt see the other one.

My hate at the time towards my step dad is unreal. He had thrown my brother out of the home, hit me once but worst of all was the days I had to sit and comfort my mom after a huge fight between them. I never worried about myself only about my brother, sister and mom.

My dad was our escape from these fights but he was also saying some bad things about my mother infront of us.

I were doing horrible in school and i started smoking and hanging with the wrong people. I also lied to everyone about everything. But mostly my mom because everything we did wasnt good enough for he. She didnt say we were doing bad she just asked 'why didnt you do better'. Over time it killed my confidence and I stopped talking to her about my problems and my accomplishments.

I used my sister as a spare mom and my 'grown up' comfort. Also me and my brother was the best friends in the world. Going through everything togeather.

I can't remember what happend on the days just before or after the dream but now its been 7 years and I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

Background: I'm a 22 years old male from Denmark who at the time when I had the dream were living with my mom and step dad. I was 15 years old when i had the dream.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I have had some serious mental problems with depression, anger and fear.

Location: Denmark

Feelings About People: I didnt know anyone and I had no feelings towards any people in the dream.

Relationship Status: Single now and then.

When And How Often: I have never had this dream again but neither have I ever forgotten it. I have had it in my mind since the day it happened.
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