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Postby dreamer291 on January 9th, 2013, 10:59 am

Please help me to interpret these dreams:
On the 07.08.2003: In a dream, I saw myself traveling in a plane where I was the first person to have bought the ticket and the first to do the checking.
On the 08.08.2003: In a dream, I was traveling in a jet without having fulfilled all the requirements, that jet was initially planned for 10 peoples who were all there, but a place was found for me.
On the 23.08.2004: In a dream, I was receiving a scholarship from the German Government.
On the 24.08.2004: In a dream, I was given a mandate to award a prize to the Former American President, Ronald Reagan, after sharing it with my pastor which I wished to associate to the event, he just encouraged me to go alone. I went and called him (Former President) to come and receive it from my hand, he obeyed to everything.
On the 25.08.2004: In a dream, a black Pope came to share with me that he was given a South American Citizenship without him asking for it even knowing about it, and he was supposed to go to receive it.
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