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Postby dreamer3547 on September 3rd, 2013, 12:33 am

Dream: We were walking around our area with some of the guys in the ministry and then suddenly appeared many horses grey horses passing by, i found myself commenting that these horses are heading towards Israel. Others horses were pregnant. Then suddenly one grey horse come towards me and started like communicating to me and one of my colleague told me that i give that horse a chocolate which i had, i gave the horse and the horse was very pleased because the horse showed, made some sound came closer to me and i touched the horse and the horse was very very pleased then the horse left and joined others.

Then later when we were back there i saw a friend of mine whom i have been praying for to get saved but still not saved. Had a horse carriage containing a Public address System, the carriage had a podium, amplifiers and many speakers and called me, that we go with him.
Then my dream ended there

Significant Life Events: How to please God and influence others for God

There are no fears and frustrations

Background: Kenyan male,
Born again
35 yrs and employed

Mental Illness Or Depression: No mental illness or any depression

Location: Kenyan

Feelings About People: I have been praying for them
1. The PA System guy i have been for him to be saved and also i always welcome him to church every Sunday morning through text
The other team players are also friends i have been praying that God may lift them up spiritually

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: Last week and has not recurred
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Re: Horses

Postby chase on June 30th, 2020, 7:49 pm

The dream might be saying that you are too concerned with ambition to do ever single thing for someone to get them to come to church. The carriage shows how lovely you are or feel you are to this man to motivate him to go to church. The horse is your motivation and ambition to serve God for people. Scaring yourself that nothing is working and possibly overdoing caring about others being motivated??

You give a chocolate treat in the first scene and then this unsaved man with horse carriage in the second scene man show the progression from simple conversation to inspire people to full blown ambition to influence that even uses text messages to remind people to go to church.

The dream may be a sign that you need something more motivating then simple conversation or friendly nagging to get people to go to church more.
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