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My father watching porn

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My father watching porn

Postby dreamer58495 on October 6th, 2022, 2:12 am

Dream: Okay. So in the dream. I was in my bedroom. I got up to go to the kitchen for a glass of water. The dining room is on the way to the kitchen. My dad is always there. It's kind of like his office. But this time he wasn't sitted on his regular chair. He was seated on the chair that's next to the pathway to the kitchen. He was wearing his blue t-shirt. He was on his phone and I could see pictures of a black couple. The lady was wearing a lime green bikini or lingerie as a I get closer He keeps scrolling and her clothes were off in the next picture. Below that was a video. He starts playing the video once he realizes I'm behind him he locks the phone. But it doesn't fully go black. It's the video still on but very blurred. By the time I get to the kitchen the screen is black and he turns to me and laughs. I pretend like I didn't see anything by getting some water out of the fridge. And when I turn to look at him he just smiles.
That's all I remember

Significant Life Events: I've been having issues with my husband. He's been postponing coming to pick us from my dad's house to our marital home. Even when he's free he says he's too lazy to come and pick us up. He never makes effort to come and see us. This Monday I was sick and so was our daughter and he didn't even come to check on us in the hospital. This is just one scenario. I expressed to him how I feel and he dismissed my feelings like nothing was wrong.

Background: I'm 29 years old. Female. Married but I don't live with my husband. I currently live in my father's house with my 1 year old daughter. Currently not employed since the birth of my child.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I was diagnosed with anxiety depression.

Location: I live in kireka Namugongo road in Kampala uganda.

Feelings About People: I love my father. He is a good father and grandfather as well. He's a good provider and very loving and caring. We get along really well.

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: It occurred last night October 5th and it's the first time I've had such a dream
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