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dreambible.com • View topic - Poison, death, time, clock being tricked

Poison, death, time, clock being tricked

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Poison, death, time, clock being tricked

Postby dreamer58493 on October 4th, 2022, 9:58 am

Dream: I had a dream this magician man was in a bar and he saw another man and they start playing a game and it was there would be two cups filled with liquid and one of the cups was contaminated with poison and you had to guess which was which. If he guessed which one was which correctly he was able to pour the poison in the empty cup and they did that a few times. Each time the magician man who poured the cup out would taste the last drop of the empty cup. Until the man who was guessing called out the magician who was playing with the Cups. He said you aren't fooling anyone. Trying to get him to prove there was poison and prove he was doing what he said he was. The man playing the game having to guess tricked the other magician man into drinking the poison and he died. He had to beg God to send him back. He was a master of time and he wanted to help his clock. And so God allowed it and the clock was on a chain around his neck and the ended up hanging himself because of the clock and died anyway.

The cups were short and wide glass cups. The liquid seemed to be alcohol. The poison looked black like squid ink. The magician guy who died looked like the grim reaper sort of like a skeleton when he died and he had a chain

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