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Postby dreamer58491 on September 29th, 2022, 3:51 am

Dream: I was living in my old house in the dream and I went to go and visit my cousins and I told them to come and visit me sometime so they told me that they can't because of someone that they have to fetch so I them before they pick up that person they can just come and pop in just to say hi we were standing outside by their car and I was standing next to the boy cousin of mine and all of a sudden I looked up into the sky it was very cloudy and the clouds started opening and in those clouds I saw a piece of heaven I'm sure and u know u get those garden bridges I saw people walking over it not in a group or next to eachother but one at a time so as one goes walking off the bridge the other comes walking on the bridge so I saw three people and I couldn't see what the first two were wearing because they already walked far in a distance but the last one I saw was wearing a yellow/Gold thing that looked like the thing they wore over their shoulders in Jesus days and was wearing blue looks like a dress a blue that is hard to explain its between a light blue and a dark blue but when I saw all of this in the clouds it was so quick before the clouds could close I asked my cousin touching him on both sides of his arms look up there do u see it did u see it but my cousin didn't respond but than the clouds closed and I woke up But in the background of the bridge I could see abit green and abit brown I couldn't see much cause I was focused on this one person wearing the blue yellow/gold please can u tell me about my dream maybe the blue dress could be gold but from earth it looked blue I'm sure the people I saw must have been happy but they didn't look at me they were just walking over the bridge my feelings were I was so excited in my dream to have seen heaven and it was sad cause it didn't last long enough for me to see even more would have love to have seen more

Significant Life Events: What's been most on my mind the most before the dream was Jesus heaven and my operation which I'm going to go for on the 14th of November 2022 and I've also thought about my husband and my kids

I am having fear for the operation
And relationship issues will be with my husband we tend to argue over silly little things and sometimes I don't it can be me with one of my kids cause I have 5 kids but I still love them

Background: Cindy
37 years old

Mental Illness Or Depression: None of them
Only sometimes I'll get depressed

Location: South Africa

Feelings About People: My two cousins I do love them we don't see eachother so much it's been years do speak to the one and the other lives in cape Town but I speak to their moms my aunties alot

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: This Dream happened early this morning just after 05:00 am and it my first time dreaming it
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