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Basement and cats

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Basement and cats

Postby dreamer58486 on September 18th, 2022, 10:49 am

Dream: My family( husband, 5 children and mother in law) are all living in a house. I am freaking out because I went down in the basement, and there are cats sneaking into the basement and living in there. They are dirty, dying, bug infested cats. I try to figure out where they are coming from but I can't. Everytime I go down into the basement more cats, and a couple of dogs are there too. At one point in the dream the cats ran up the stairs to try and get into the house. I flipped out and grabbed a broom and tried to get it back Down stairs. I seam to be in this huge panic but everyone around me is totally chill, and not bothered.
When I go into the basement, there are also 3-4 levels to the basement. With stairs leading down. Every layer has different things. The passage(stairs) to some of the levels of basement is dirty, tight, breaking, water damage, dusty, dark.
In the midst of this a friend from school comes over, and says she knows someone that can take all these cats and yucky animals
When I get on the phone to talk to her, my voice goes silent. I can't talk to her but only in some words. I can't talk. It's painful and I'm trying so hard I. The dream to explain to her I don't know where the cats are coming from. The lady then gets mad at me, threatens me, and says I'm in trouble bc I should of notified them when I first saw them. I then try and explain to her that I give them water and feed them... trying to impress her, with my broken voice. She then hangs up. Doesn't want anything to do with me.

I keep having dreams of cats (dirty infested cats) in my basement. I think this is the 4th.

Then, I also have dreams about going back to school non stop... which is a whole different story.

The cat in basement dream really shook me last night. Wanted to reachout and see what God is saying.

Thank you.

Significant Life Events: Getting to know myself, trying to be happy, want to make the lord happy with me, wanting so hard to be happy and joyful and a good mother, daughter and wife. Alot of hurt with friends and family.

Background: 30 yr old, female. 5 kids, married for 10 years

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: New york

Feelings About People: My husband, who is trying to help... but jot really helping
My kids were not really around
My mother in law... she was just around in the dream
My old friend from highschool.high-school.. just tried to help in that one moment then was gone
Me... I was panicing the whole dream... going up and down the stairs trying to figure out what I was gonna do.

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: Reoccurring 4 times
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