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dreambible.com • View topic - Beach day ends in disaster

Beach day ends in disaster

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Beach day ends in disaster

Postby dreamer58485 on September 17th, 2022, 6:42 pm

Dream: I was on the beach with my grandmother and had to save her from a polar bear. My grandmother’s daughter along with her son in law were at the beach with us along with my two youngest brothers. We had been spending the day at the beach. Me and my younger brothers had just come back from surfing in the water with a bunch of strangers when the three of us surged to the shore. My grandmother was walking towards me and her kids were behind her. I held my grandmothers arm and led towards the water.
As we walked farther until the ocean I head my grandmother’s daughter yell. I turned around and there was a bear heading straight towards me and my grandmother. I gripped her arm and started pulling her towards the shore. As we were trying to run towards the shore the water was getting higher instead of lower. It seemed like we were heading towards sea rather than the shore. The bear than was in front of us rather than the back and there were three of them instead of just one. When the water came up towards my neck the dream ended.

Significant Life Events: I left my family and haven’t had contact with my grandmother in a few months

Background: Female, 17 years old. Brazilian and a dog bather

Mental Illness Or Depression: Depression

Location: United States of America Florida Gainesville

Feelings About People: I have no relationship with any of them in my dreams. I have a lot of anger and hurt towards my grandmothers daughter and son in law. My brothers and I do not have a good relationship at all. I left home a few months ago and since than have not been able to talk to any of those people for several reasons.

Relationship Status: Sorta dating

When And How Often: A week ago
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