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Plane crash

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Plane crash

Postby dreamer58482 on September 4th, 2022, 9:07 pm

Dream: I was at my cousins old house that I grew up in when I was little and I was there with my cousin and although the house didn’t look familiar it felt very familiar, but the bedroom we were in had a huge window big enough to see the outside. Outside of the house kind of looked like vacant land mixed with a good amount of dry land and green grass but the sun and the sky were very beautiful although this dream initially seems blissful and peaceful, all of a sudden as me and my cousin were talking she looks out the window and I can see a plane coming very close to the house and it crashes head first into the window. Me and my cousin make it safe but the dream seems to skip time and everythings fine again but the setting never changes then another plane comes crashing through but this plane is sideways instead of straight and then my mom shows up in her car and another plane comes crashing into the house at a sideways angle as well and it almost hits my mom but she ends up being safe. So I run out of the house and all of the sudden my cousin disappears and it’s just me, my mom, my brother and my two sisters and my moms husband and as we run to the car we see another plane and even though it looks like it’s about to crash into the house it pulls up circles around and starts shooting at the house, me and my family make it safe into the car but the dream ends so I don’t know what happens next I’m not sure if this is a bad dream or if the dream is trying to communicate something to me .?

Significant Life Events: I have hope of taking my life to the next level , sometimes I worry about my relationship with my spouse but overall we are doing amazing , my grades are amazing and I’m doing exceptionally well in school i have two jobs and very excited about although I worry about life in general alot.

Background: I’m a African American female and I am 18 years of age

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes I’ve suffered from depression and severe anxiety

Location: Dallas, texas

Feelings About People: Me and my moms relationships have been rocky in the past but we are doing really good now, I don’t really speak to my cousin anymore and she used to be my favorite. Me and my siblings love each other very much and I never really talk to my moms husband

Relationship Status: Dating

When And How Often: It occurred tonight on 09/4/2022 at 7:50 and this is the first and only time I’ve at this dream
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