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dreambible.com • View topic - Someone is going to bring me something

Someone is going to bring me something

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Someone is going to bring me something

Postby dreamer58479 on August 29th, 2022, 10:25 am

Dream: dreamed a woman was speaking over people's lives. for some reason i wanted her to speak over my life. she finally looked at me with a smile, near the end (meaning I think she was done and getting ready to leave...not sure where) and said, 'And you, you can expect something real soon that will be brought to you on a white horse'.

I did a slight nod, as if to gesture 'okay'; but I didn't really smile back because I don't know if i should trust her. I felt guilty because I should listen to what God says only and not want someone speaking over my life.

When I woke up, I was smiling and I asked the Lord what does that dream mean.

The dream has popped up in my head 3 or 4 times since having it approximately last week...guessing. the 2nd time I thought of the dream I thought there's a white horse in revelation. look it up.
So i did just now...after thinking of the dream the 3rd or 4th time.

Significant Life Events: concerned about mother's memory, dificulty communicating, and weight loss. trying my best to stand on the Lord's report, and not what I see or hear. praying and expecting a good report today about nodule on dad's lung.

Background: Black female Christian woman. Transportation

Mental Illness Or Depression: no. i've been worried about elderly parents going on 70.

Location: Boston MA

Feelings About People: I can't really see the people in the dream. I think it was a crowd standing. this woman must have been speaking over individuals lives. I'm a Believer but I honestly wanted her to pick me. I thought people always skip me when it comes to prophesying over me.
It looked like the person speaking was done and began to move but eyes looked up at me and said and you.... I was anxious and not sure if I could trust lady and I felt guilty to even want her to speak over me.

Relationship Status: Single not dating for a long time. working a lot

When And How Often: week ago +/-
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