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Postby dreamer58478 on August 28th, 2022, 9:10 am

Dream: So It begins In no specific place then In this dream state I am Just sitting and noticed my hair was built up almost like a beehive and as I sat doing nothing I noticed a section of my hair opened up and I could hear “tweeting”! So on looking at myself In the dream I then saw 4/5 more birds In a row all tweeting sweetly at the end of the row of birds was a slightly larger bird yes still In my hair!! and I remember trying to swipe these birds out of my view pretty much like you would a fly and Indeed all the birds just flew away how ever the slightly larger bird wouldn't OR couldn’t for some reason It seemed to be In and out of consciousness I would shake my head and It wouldn’t fly off , I also noticed that I could feel Its clawed feet on my hand, how ever I had no fear It didn’t alarm me at all I moved around every where even outside of where ever I was In the dream streets areas to try and shake away this bird that wouldn’t fly away from my hair! Then I remember feeling fed up and then went towards another place like a a massive pit on an Industrial building sight with loads of tan coloured sand/ cement In mounds so I stood In front of this pit shake my head one more time, then realise that my hair was actually a wig! So I just pulled It off and threw It off !! The rest of my dream did not have any creature or animals In.

Significant Life Events: Not a lot really Just regular stuff not fearful or anything guess It may be nice to meet a christian man one day no hurry!!

Background: Standard average person Christian,In my 50’s black female Unemployed ( temporarily) female.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Not at all, thank you Jesus.

Location: United Kingdom, South East.

Feelings About People: My dream did not Involve any other parties

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Literally last night have never had had this dream nor have I ever dreamt of birds!!!
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