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Weird dream

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Weird dream

Postby dreamer58471 on August 15th, 2022, 12:13 pm

Dream: Me, my mom and step dad got to an airport, when we arrived we met friends of theirs there with their two daughters. They were on their way to some island.
My dad stoped and spoke to Father of the two girls, he is also the accountant of their (my mother and step dad's) business.

So the father of the girls explained how the girls had to save up and pay for the trip themselves and he only contributed R1000 for each of them. He then told his wife and girls to go ahead, he will catch up with them as he was still getting some luggage out of the car, he and my step dad were still talking a bit, but could not hear what they were talking about.

The next moment we were in a town and the plane his wife and daughters were on flew over us and dropped bombs. We were now running to find a place where we can hide as the explosions hit around us. I eventually got a taxi, a white car with a taxi sign on top, it was an Indian driver and he said to me he only has space for 4 people, one infront and 3 at the back. Now my little brother (22) was also there and that's why he said only 4 because we were now 5, me, my mom, my step dad, my little brother (son of mom and step dad) and also the father of the two girls.

Somehow my mom managed to sit in the boot but we could still manage to see her and my brother was in the middle at the back kind of squished with his legs through the two front seats where me and the Indian driver were sitting.

The driver managed to get us out of this city of war safely.

Somehow I saw the father of the two girls back in the city stuck and couldn't get out.

Significant Life Events: My daughter's upcoming birthday and general school related work

Parents (Kom and step dad) going through a divorse

Background: I am 41 year old female, I am a teacher and love my job and love kids. I am a loving person, straight forward and always honest even if it hurts

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: South Africa

Feelings About People: The two girls and the mother and father, I am friends with their one daughter from school. The father that is doing the books of the company is not always doing his work as he should but I don't have much to do with him at all.
Me and my step dad are not at a good place due to the divorce that's happening.

My mom and I have a very good relationship and through the divorce me and my little brother got closer than ever.

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: Last night. I feel like I have dreamt about that airport before. It's not one I have ever seen in real life
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