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school, blackboard

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school, blackboard

Postby dreamer58462 on July 24th, 2022, 8:58 pm

Dream: I was sitting in my chair when my male classmate came to me and asked for help, so I helped him and went to the front where the board is, I gave him ideas and examples to help him think of answers to his questions written on the board, then he erased halfway of his written questions on the board and started writing another set of questions again because of some mistake, and while he does that i was dancing to this song playing out loud, i think the song was called the man who can't be moved and it actually feel pretty good, i think i was happy, atleast i know I'm not sad, and then when I saw that he's almost done I was about to research some of the questions on board and then I woke up
I remember the color of the board it's green and how loud the song and how I was dancing to it, I was spinning and really enjoying the song,

Significant Life Events: school , afraid of being left out by others, afraid of failure.

Background: 17, filipino, female grade 12

Mental Illness Or Depression: no

Location: Philippines, Cebu City

Feelings About People: I don't really have a particular feeling but I remember that I was enjoying the song and I was really explaining well

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: last night
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