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Becoming a Ghost

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Becoming a Ghost

Postby dreamer58458 on July 19th, 2022, 10:02 am

Dream: I was in a very renaissance fair/ music festival atmosphere. From what I could tell it was before the event actually kicked off and the staff (who were already in their themed attire) had instruments and were sat around finishing up tasks like set design, food stand orders, and entertainment stage set ups. As I walked by a most of the staff they smiled and greeted me like they knew me well, one man and specific smiled and nodded to me as he played a mandolin for a small group of five.

It was nearing sunset and I was taking a path the presumably lead to the parking lot to go home, it was a dirt road through a forest, on the left was a large grassy hill, on the right a steep cliff, as I was walking I fell to the right, through a broken strip of fence.

Next thing I know I wake up in a building similar to my house with my mom next to me worriedly. When I move to stand up I notice I'm see-though and glowing a slight gray-ish blue. Through some communication with my mom (I don't remember what we had said) I noticed that she could see and hear me and she was very concerned. My brother (20 y/o) Could only hear me, seeing confused when I moved things to try to get his attention or just straight up ignored my attempts. My dad couldn't hear or see me, I was moving objects around trying to get his attention and trying to talk to him anyway I could but he just looked at the object and laughed. I remember feeling very distraught, heartbroken, alone during this.

After I realized I couldn't get through to my dad I went off. I was going through walls to try and find two good friends of mine I had known through all of high school and middle school, James and his little sister Lydia.

I met up with them at somewhat of a rec-center and we talked and playing boardgames in a plain gray room next to the pool? The room we were in was shaped somewhat like an L, we were in the furthest back corner out of sight from the rest of the occupants who were in the more spacious strip of the room. They both could see me, talk to me, and as I spent more time with them I was about to start reforming? It was like my body was becoming solid again but my skin still glowed and had a blue tint.
I can't remember what game we played, all I know it that there were cards and you could roll dive and move a piece around the board.

We laughed, ate pizza, and at the end of my dream a random guy around our age walked by, smiled, and made a sarcastic comment about how 'cold' it was in the room with all the fans on low. So I perked up and told him he should turn them up so high they could cool off the world.

While I didn't notice temperature in the dream I can only assume from that interaction that the room must have been hot.

That's when I woke up

Significant Life Events: I recently found out the man I've dated for almost two years lied to me about his age, got into a bad place with my parents, and have been working towards building back a relationship with my family after cutting off contact with my ex.
I also had many online friends that my parents decided I need to cut out of my life because of a stereotype.

Background: I am a graphic designer who, at the moment, has a ministry based clientele. I'm an 18 your old, Caucasian, female.
I am the second child of two Apostles.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Like most people I've had hard periods in my life mentally, however last time I was in that place I was fifteen.
While it's not an illness I do have ADHD

Location: East Coast of the USA

Feelings About People: James is someone I've had feelings for on and off throughout the years, but he's always been a steadfast friend to me and he's very reliable. When I think of him I think of someone who is genuine, blunt, and kind hearted.

Lydia I see as a little sister, she's very sweet and funny, has a very big heart, and is finding herself at the moment.
At this point in time the three of us are trying to build our friendship.

Mom, she's always been my #1 fan and I love her dearly, she and I are both strong headed and we tend to butt heads. Thankfully we're both quick to apologize but sometimes I feel like I can't talk and really get my words through to her.

With my dad I know I should feel more comfortable expressing my feelings but I find it hard to talk to him and I have for a few years, it was a change that was out of the blue and I'm not sure why it happened.

My brother and I have always been very close but he has a hard time understanding emotion and what others are going through in situations.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: 7/19/2022
2 a.m.- 9:15 a.m.
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