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Postby dreamer58457 on July 18th, 2022, 5:29 am

Dream: It was this former classmate, we went on a narrow path, so as we get in that path i saw him holding a knife behind me, i am surprised. From the i fall down i believe he caused it then he tried to stab me in the sexual organs or maybe the stomach as i saw it. So he disappeared in twinkling of an eye, i look other side still lying down and see men men, i wave my hand and they saw me, two of them came to me i don't know them,the helped me up. Then they are supporting me we are going, few meters about 30 that guy who was attempting to stab he was coming our direction, he surpass us, after i tell this two men, look this is the person who stabbed me, then they leave me, he go for him, they strike him and he falls from there they continue then they tie all his body with a rope, it seems he might have entered a car i believe
It is what i remember to here

Significant Life Events: Normally i will not think of anything or the person i will see in the dream, it happens just like that

No fear I'm experiencing

Background: Male, 19 years,completed high school,employed .

Mental Illness Or Depression: No mental illness

Location: Botswana

Feelings About People: Relationship is fair, it has been years since i have seen them and rarely talk to them

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: 18 July 2022
Dream Lover
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