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Blue Doves

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Blue Doves

Postby dreamer58455 on July 17th, 2022, 2:46 am

Dream: I was sitting in my apartment looking out of my window and saw a light turquoise blue dove sitting in the trees. Then I noticed another one fly and sat beside it. I was just in awe and shocked at how beautiful they were. While I was watching them through my window, I had visitors come over. I can't fully remember if it was just my parents and sister, or who else. They came in. I noticed the blue doves started flying around. I closed my door before they would try to fly in my apartment. A few minutes later someone came to my bedroom door and when I opened it the blue doves were trying to fly into my bedroom. It startled me, so I shut my bedroom door. That's when I woke up.

Significant Life Events: Feeling uncomfortable, wanting better for my life, feeling like I'm stuck and struggling day to day to be motivated to do important responsibilities. I'm such a procrastinator when I get overwhelmed. Lonely feeling. Feeling that I don't have a purpose other than working for someone. Bills and deadline are overwhelming. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown and loosing what little control I have.

Background: 36,female, black, benefits specialist, personal assistant

Mental Illness Or Depression: Mild depression

Location: United States
Irving, Texas

Feelings About People: I really think it was my parents and sister. I love them to my core. My mom is near and dear to my heart as our relationship and conversation has grown in recent years. My stepdad our relationship in my eyes has gotten better but I still tolerate him. My sister, is my heart but that slowly started drifting away in recent years. She hasn't been the most easy to talk to without her being rude and disrespectful to us all.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Saturday morning July 16, 2022
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