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Dance and Soap

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Dance and Soap

Postby dreamer58451 on July 13th, 2022, 1:37 am

Dream: There where a dance game in the classroom. The rule is that if you are thrown by an orange soap you should stop for a while then continue dancing. Even though a familiar person tried to stop me from doing it again I felt optimistic to try again maybe because I tried the game before and got to be the winner, but there were an increase of enemy that resent me. I feel happy while dancing and doing the game but I never felt someone got my back to make me feel secure, but I know I need to continue and just do it. A small dragon girl from anime was even looking at me resentfuly with jelousy ready to make me lose. I am near the door and its outside was a white light I can't see. In my front side left was the brother of my childhood friend who's with his girlfirend, both independent and prosper life together (in their 20s). I then look at my right back, there I saw my female friend (joana) who got frozen together with the one she got intersted in (also female, her name was Day). And was slowly be able to move. I looked at the direction of the brother again and thrown me a soap and I got hit, that was fun I was ready to hit back after the stop time while thinking that her girlfriend didn't like the situation. There came the dancing crowd went upside down, and it happned more than two times. I felt left behind because Why is it I'm not the same as them. Even the dragon girl got there, still even looking at me. But I just ignore that feeling and continue the game with confidence while feeling fighting the battle alone. I throw at soaps at everyturn, only I saw I didn't hit someone but I felt I did hit them. I slowly moved at the almost end corner where there is a palce to wash your hand, there I saw my elementary classmate. Three of them (Donna-was at my right together with meca) (I think pia was at my back) but sometimes pia and meca change faces. (Anyway in real life, currently donna have a job, as well as meca and got recently brock up with his cheating ex) (While Pia is having a need to be alone time). At my dream pia appear to be supportive but she truly wants to make me lose by throwing the soap without my guard up I sensed this and made countermeasure in my head but she never got to do it. Donna and Meca now wash their hands, when I notice thta I also want to wash my hands already but I'm stopping myself because I know I need to finish the game. While at that momrnt I try to appear happy while dancing but I felt lonely. It was indeed happy a little, while I feel that a small group git together and I was in it. I was genuinely happy doing the game with this guy with dandelion color t-shirt with light blue jeans (This was the person who got an interest with me in real life). And the person I fell in love with appeared with his cotton black long sleaves (the one he wore on the birthday of her causin) and wore a humble smile. He threw me a soap and I was hit and suprisingly without my guard up. I followed the rules to stop if we are hit by the orange soap, and after that I was laughing and talking with the people of the group. While he continue to humbly smile and sat dawn a bit to and suddenly hold my legs it felt normal and was a friendly kind touch but the dandelion guy expressed his claim that I regulated the law, he said that I did not stop when the preson I fell in love with thrown the soap at me. But I told him that he was wrong and I did the opposite of what he claimed, I was very confident because I clearly see the whole picture kf my surrounding. Until I was forced to introduce the person who witness it all. That person was named Je, he was smiling like this got nothing to do with him, I'm sure he witnessed it but he is trying to get out of the group but in the end he put his hands on his forhead like how bouscouts do when saying 'sir, yes sir', a way of introducing himself and that he agreed that I was saying the truth, and then continue with his direction while facing me. Everyone was silent including the man I fell in love with. At the back of my head at that time is that, why fid he stay silent and just thought that maybe he just didn't see the whole scenario of the situation. I din't ask no more because of that.

Until I left and continue to dance and I felt that the dancing crowd got small and I was dancing alone. I notice that there are teachers on the place, the place by the got changed here, there was only classroom floor but with no walls, only trees. The teachers were having hotdogs, and the one I saw just passed by with the hotdog on the plate and left the place. I looked at where she came in first and left the dancing floor, while I was doing that. I lonely and no one got my back anyway that's why I just didn't think no more and went to were thta teacher came in. I heard that we are baking a cake and as soon as I learned that the people at the dancing floor became my classmates and indeed going to bake cakes for the teacher. I went there back again, feeling sad about something and unsatisfied while appearing to continue focusing on what I'm currently doing. I said to my classmates that we are going to bake a cake and they agreed and already preparing to do it. And oh ok, while still feeling sad and unsatisfied.

The scenery then change and I dream about my sister (17 years old). I witnessed that she was known to going at a specific place (I think it was a church) but then I saw her together with the guy she was interested in appearing, this was at the night market.

The place then changed and now I was together with my female cousin, currently going to the city. The place was blur but I know that we are already at the city. And I later knew that the conversation with this causin of mine was talking about that (previous paragraph about my sister) in our converstation. And I said, that is wrong and it shoud not be that way. I felt horrible and betrayal about what my sister did.

I woke up started to feel heart broken again. My heart pumps irregularly. I remember I need to remember my dream to decipher it because I asked God to guide me by talking to me in the dream, but I think it didn't happen and felt He was sad because my mind is not facus. I forgot tge dream I had, but then I slowly remember it again.

Significant Life Events: I've been thingking about the person I fell in love with and the reason why he decided to leave me even though his hearts want me. We are LDR and not official yet. Even though I went there expecting a good closure, as I was about to give up he stopped me hestitantly with his hand cold and when we talked he said he wants to continue but I didn't beleive it at that moment that's why I gave him time to think more about it. He has a family problem, extremely shy, sad, hopless and insecure.

Right now it breaks my heart so much I can't even see it. He said 'meeting me was a dream but I think I need to wake up.' I got colds all over and make my heart beat irregularly. I want to respect his decision and I made sure I expressed how I feel before anything - a good end? I did not ask for the reason anylonger since the past days his not interested to communicate with me anymore and he didn't did not even seen me anymore the last 9 days. I though If I ask more it will only inrease how burden I am.

Background: 20, female, filipino, student

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Philippines, Davao City

Feelings About People: Brother of my childhood friend and her grilfriend: I see their relationship as a good example. Currently they know I went to the person I fell in love with because that place was where their cousin lived. I feel being jugded right now.

Joana: I encourage her to ask Day for clarification about Day's feeling. I root for them because I see the situation of joana has the possible reasoning of the man I fell in love with - that she is scared, see the relationship has no destination, have more interest to me than I could imagine and she's just scared to show it.

Donna: I see her working on her financial freedom as she is having two jobs- I long to earn financialy too. I was bothered why she is not contacting me yet about the job to work for her mother at a salon.
Meca: I long for a good independent life like her.
Pia: She currently want to be alone and I let her be, rooting for her individuality.

The man with dandelion shirt and light blue jeans: I feel happy I because of the attention but I don't plant to accept and even continue a relationship. Though I'm tempted but my principle is dependable when it comes to this situation.

The man I fell in love with: I desire for him to have a solid yes in continuing the relationship because I'm ready but that was not what I receive. I feel that it was the right thing he did since now I'm not currently worth having. Now I already receive his answer but the reason why left me greatly bothered this lady. I feel painful inside and unfocus. My relationship with him is now no message already phase.

Je: I felt like Je is making fun of me. I did spend time with a grouo together with him, we do interact but we are not close

Jocel: She is trying to chear me up and wants me to be happy. Cousin.

Sister: We have a bad relationship and I don't like thr man she is with. Both have disrespected me in their own way.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: This is the first time at the night of July 12, 2022
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