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Meaning of my dream

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Meaning of my dream

Postby dreamer58446 on July 6th, 2022, 11:40 am

Dream: I was in my yard with a rifle ( I don't own one )
saw something big and brown moving in the woods
I was about to shoot,
when I realized to my surprise it was a bigfoot.
Bigfoot was about to run, I motioned it was ok.
I threw the rifle on the ground.
Bigfoot motioned to me to come along, with his arm stretched out to me. ( brown and hairy )
I ran to him and followed him through the forest.
Next, I saw myself riding on his shoulders as we passed people. ( it appeared they looked right at us as we continued to move swiftly through the trees in the forest, the people didn't even blink an eye or point at us)
I looked forward and saw a bigfoot with a smaller head, he said that he was older.
I felt happy and surprised they brought me along.
It was an awesome dream experience. It was so real.

Significant Life Events: on my mind:
Fixing my leaky roof
Hoping I win a classic car from a raffle I purchased.
Adding an accessory to my vehicle (excited about that)
Working extra hours to prepare for winter and high electric bills etc.
Telling people not to worry about what's going on in the world cause God is in charge and on the move and to pray as much as you can in Jesus's name for peace and prosperity
No fears or frustrations. I do have a few debt-collecting calls but not worried.

Background: 63
Yes, I'm employed going on for 11 years

Mental Illness Or Depression: No to all

Location: United States

Feelings About People: very excited, and friendly

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: 7/6/2022 in the early morning around 3:00 am
Not recurring as of yet.
Dream Lover
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Joined: July 6th, 2022, 11:38 am

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