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Seeing God Jesus

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Seeing God Jesus

Postby dreamer58445 on July 1st, 2022, 5:15 am

Dream: In the dream I was walking I look down at the time it was 12pm daytime and people are around walking and then all of a sudden I feel like people going crazy and starting to run and I look up and I see the face of my God Jesus and he was in complete body he was on his throne and was coming out of the clouds in the sky and I was terrified because I'm a sinner and he looked very mad that dream hunts me because I really don't want to feel the wrath of God

Significant Life Events: Don't remember but I'm a born again Christian

Background: 37,female,Hispanic,

Mental Illness Or Depression: Somewhat anxiety

Location: Houston tx

Feelings About People: I don't really talk to anyone

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: I was sleeping and I only had it once and nobody can ever tell me what it means
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