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Postby dreamer58443 on June 30th, 2022, 8:53 am

Dream: All I remember is that i was at a sort of fair or family gathering but it wasn’t my family or anyone I recognized except for my former crush. I watched him walk over to a stand where another young man was standing and that other guy started to question him. My former crush Lets call him Nico began to express his feelings and experiences with this girl without naming her, he was keeping her identity private because many were watching. I was there but i don’t know that i was seen or could be seen but i listened and i felt as though he was talking about me. but then at times i thought he couldn’t be and that it must be another girl he was interested in. Mind you in real life i stopped liking him because i felt as though he was interested in other girls. He starts mentioning social media and how him and this unknown girl talked and then she basically disappears and he doesn’t understand why. i remember feeling at that moment he was talking about us because this is what happened but i was still not confident about it. Then two others came over one woman and a young boy with a disability. Nico then started talking about how much he cared for his brother regardless of his disability. Now i knew Nico and his brother but the boy with the disability was not the brother that i knew, and apparently the woman was his sister. Then a group of people young and old came up behind him and i realized that it must be his biological family. Nico is adopted. I remember walking away and hearing Nico’s supposed mother say she wanted to meet me specifically or maybe it was the unknown girl but the dream ended.

Significant Life Events: Mostly my spiritual health and getting healing for my past traumas and other personal things

Background: 19, i am a black female

Mental Illness Or Depression: no not that i know of

Location: West Coast

Feelings About People: The only person I recognized in my dream was my former crush. I care about him a lot and we had mutual interest. We’ve known each other for over ten years and it’s been this way the entire time. We recently just started talking over social media, but we go to the same church and he’s never said a word to me. that wouldn’t be so weird if i didn’t see him always with the same girl talking close photos. he took her to homecoming and prom even though he said he wanted to take me. maybe he was just joking but it hurts and i couldn’t waste my emotions on someone who’s not really interested and in something that will never be. so i quit talking to him on social media and i avoid him in person. his behaviors were configuring toward me. we both attend the same church so i see him at least once a week, but our families are very close so sometimes i see him more. i still care for him and want the best for him.

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: last night and not yet it hasn’t
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