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dreambible.com • View topic - Golden stars paved in the Independence Square streets ann I

Golden stars paved in the Independence Square streets ann I

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Golden stars paved in the Independence Square streets ann I

Postby dreamer58438 on June 28th, 2022, 1:52 pm

Dream: The stars in the concrete hade like golden glow amber brown an yellow white like light bulbs in a star shape intended in the concrete several headed forward and went to the right an the colors were gold brown yellow purple white made my heart feel like it was God an something important I'm going to do in life I felt like I was there to cut a ribbon after I had woken up now in the past I hade a dream that actually came true an that was a house fire that I had actually experienced in a dreaming believe God had given me that's a hole nother story the layout in my dream was the exact same as in my dream I seen fire all around me it was dark an window s lots of them an doors an in that dream I can remember everything just like I just hade itan when I got out of that fire an the firemen had gotten my naked but in to fire truck floor I had dropped out of my Harley davidson jackets I had 2 pendant s a turtle an a cross an r then an there I knew that dream was God warning me an telling me he had my back an in my dream way back when it had a figure of a man pure white an holding the fire place considering that man was I believe an angle an when my pendent s hit the floor it dawned on me that dream an this house was what I had dreamed about this was God an the white figure with no face was an angel I beleave an thennthisvdream an that one in strength s are the same layout of feeling only I believe this dream is about something gooda n in my dream the motorcycle spadamer is for some reason what I see first an have a clear picture of an the streets the colors are as built from the colors of flames but act nothing of the same just the power of feeling in the dream as powerful unexpectedly to powerful of a golden to explain as well explain in the dream

Significant Life Events: Just trying to figure out my purpose in life an when I hade hat dream on a Sunday I hade missed church an was sick home from the hospital I hade gotten sick with hep A I was real sick I coould ha probably been went to church that morning

Background: I'm 49 yrs white female currently not working this dream was several months ago

Mental Illness Or Depression: No not really I have been dealing with bipolar all my life but that was only when highly stress times in life ii llost parent at a young age an 4 older brother s

Location: United States Missouri Independence Jackson co

Feelings About People: There was only me in these dreams

Relationship Status: In a relationship

When And How Often: About 9 months ago no its just on my brain alot
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