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Postby dreamer58436 on June 23rd, 2022, 11:16 am

Dream: it was a nice day, and it started in a kick ball field and i love kickball but i didnt get to play in this dream, it looked like it iwas with all the people i knew that were in my grade so i stood in a line while waching the other kids play kickball and the instuctor who i didnt know told evry body to get in pairs because we were practising getting married and know that i rememer i think we all were graduating from high school or somthing, so i went to the fence and i talked with my parents they just told me to domgood and i said ok but thats all i remember about the conversation so as the sunrise started turning to sunset it was my turn i diddnt know who i was going with,. i like a christan girl a basketball tranning and i think she likes me two but i didnt go with her the dream made me go with my old friend haley from elamenty. the instructor said to take out your sword when i looked down i had a sowrd but it was really a dagger and the pocet it was in was my favorite coloer red so when i pulled it out it was red on the outer partsbut had a blue glowing middle. so the instuctor told us to ride out ther and we had green fading into puprle scootors and in real life im good at scootoring but in the dream about half way the i fell of and we didnt get to prosed so when i went back to get a dover one of my friends and my ex were about to go so i dont like my ex because ahe dumped me for a nother guy and we wernt spiritually compatible and my freind that she was going with didnt like her at all and she goes to a different middle school then after that a satdown and wath a few people go then the dream ended

Significant Life Events: well nothing really having to do with the dream itself so i thought that maby god was trying to tell me something. No.

Background: im 12, and im a boy

Mental Illness Or Depression: no

Location: u.s

Feelings About People: i put that explanation in the dream but i didnt say that my crush wasn't even in the dream

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: it happen this morning and it hasent reacored yet but it might
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