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Postby dreamer58435 on June 22nd, 2022, 2:36 pm

Dream: Can't remember the start but remember was trying wake up from the nap,was still in bed but eyes was getting stuck, and was screaming cuz thought seen a ghost,then all black, then happened again then again but 3rd time lucky, i ran towards stairs while eyes where stuck, then went to friends house think it was Ariannas, she was bald and wore a wig, then read something on her sheet think was about being stuck in dream, then boom all black, all these animals is coming towards me and im happy and im befriending them, then it goes all black again, now I'm owning this place like child activity center but when u go in parts of it like little rooms or corners with animals for example someone be there educating people about pigs holding a piglet, I also was a vet so had veterinary clinic,tries open my eyes close but get stuck, all black,that dream starts again, got nickname of snow white cuz I attract animals, I was walking around making sure animals all OK, my crush was in the animal mega bowl his friend. Before seen danny and bernie there was a loop of me helping animals, think happened only twice, Was awkward walking past ny crush, but he went to me what happened ur foot, thing with my eyes started to happen, that was about to loop, but I fought it off cuz wanted to see my toe, i went say something to danny but lost him in crowd and then checked the pigs, they where all sleeping I was picking up rubbish that the visitors left and 2 men was watching like one said something like 'does she know', I stopped the loop again, cuz was looking around see where my crush was, like yanno when ya see where someone is not actually walk up to them. The men said hello snow white I smiled said hello, eye thing started happening fought that then woke up

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