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dreambible.com • View topic - recurring dreams about Red and I

recurring dreams about Red and I

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recurring dreams about Red and I

Postby dreamer58418 on June 5th, 2022, 4:39 pm

Dream: I had a weird dream few nights ago and I cannot get out of my mind. Please help!!!

It's similar to Tha Man in the High Castle, where I'm part of a white supremacist group like the Nazi group but with different symbols. Our faces were completely covered to hide our identity. I've never killed anyone even if I was part of that group.

I was in charge, 2nd in charge of the fort that we live in. I'm Deaf, the same in this dream.

We were taking over a building per building to push people out so we can own the area. I spotted a girl (who is my friend in real-world), let's call her Red. Red was trying to hide from us and I luckily spotted her first only she didn't know it was me. I was glad to see she's alive and safe.

I told my group that I'll be back, I kissed her, she was still afraid of me, so I uncovered my mask and then kissed her again. I quickly dragged her to the top floor of the building that we were about to destroy. I ordered the people who were living there to leave and then pulled down the fire alarm to order everyone out.

I told Red to stay in a certain room, I asked the former residents where their hiding spot, it was behind the kitchen in a hole. I told Red to hide there for now because I need to make it look like the building is destroyed so my group doesn't check the building out.

I went floor to floor to destroy everything and then burn everything. The building was in bricks so I knew it wouldn't be on fire, except for the rooms and it'll die out on their own. I broke the windows and everything.

I hurried back to Red to the top floor, I asked where is her son? She was still afraid so I took off my mask again. I asked again where her son. She said he joined our 'organization.' I asked which is he was stationed at, but she doesn't know. I told her I will found out and reassured her that she'll be safe for now. She needs to get glasses on this floor and bolt the door so she can hear if anyone comes to this floor.

A few weeks later, maybe months. This part is blurry, so I don't remember if she was caught or whatever.

It turns out that her husband is the head of the white supremacist. As we were talking in the room, he thanked me for saving her and then got jealous that I was the one who kissed her. He got really angry after I return to my fort.

A while later, Red came to my fort with a letter to release me, first, we kissed and she participated in it this time. Then she gave me the letter, I got angry at the letter. She told me that she wanted me safe and her husband is going to destroy this fort along with my men. I rejected and hurried to my mate whose I charge of the fort. It turns out he knew about it and left. All the men were afraid, so I took action to protect the men by putting fire above the walls, and supplying the men with more weapons to protect themselves.

I barely made it alive and her husband's armies ran to report that we all died. Few remaining survivors and I told them that they need to leave and hide but I have to go back to the main biggest fort because I know her husband will kill her for warning me.

I rush to the main fort where they lived, her husband was going to hang her, I convinced him to take my place instead. He gave me many lashes on my back and I almost died. Red and I made our escape somehow then from there to here, she killed me, stabbed me with knife.

She tried to kill me.

(WHAT WAS THAT?! What does that mean?!!)

Significant Life Events: I had a recurring dream about Red and it's been bothering me. I need help. Red is my female friend. For the past few weeks, she's been on my mind a lot.

Background: I'm 35, female, white, assistant teacher.

Mental Illness Or Depression: none.

Location: U.S.A. Texas. Houston.

Feelings About People: both good and bad.

Relationship Status: I'm single

When And How Often: recurring
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