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Old apartment

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Old apartment

Postby dreamer58417 on June 4th, 2022, 11:02 am

Dream: At my old apartment building from when I first moved out. The area is under renovation, I don’t recognize it at all but know I’m at my old apartment complex. Bright sunny day, slight breeze with the smell of summer in the air.

I find my apartment but it’s not in the right place, or floor. The layout is severely wrong, the interior color of the walls are a warm wood color, and the floor is absent of color. At this point I awake on the couch in the apartment to find my mother waking me after having been looking for me. A brief conversation is had to which I say that’s fine we can go but, I need to use the bathroom first. She then watches the front door as I go to the bathroom. Then I wake up.

Significant Life Events: Self worth, midlife, have been worrying a lot about my son, if I have done good by him. Ups and downs with relationship with his mother.

Background: 40, M, White, disabled.

Mental Illness Or Depression: PTSD, depression, anxiety.

Location: United States

Feelings About People: My mother and I have a good relationship. And I have a good relationship with the old roommate I lived with there.

Relationship Status: Ingaged

When And How Often: Reoccurring for the past week.
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