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pimples on my face

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pimples on my face

Postby dreamer58406 on May 22nd, 2022, 5:52 pm

Dream: In the very short dream I'm looking in the mirror and see 2 perfectly round bright red pimples that the middle or nipple stands up and looks like has some puss forming. One pimple on my face is close to my right ear on my cheek and the other by my nose. Then there is a row of pimples in a rectangle that are in a rectangle shape on my neck that aren't with puss. I was looking in a mirror at all of this thinking what is this? I never get pimples and deciding if I should pop them. I was in the bathroom looking in that mirror. I felt disgusted because my face was not looking nice with these pimples. I was alone. The end.

Significant Life Events: My 45 year old son who approx. 8 years ago lost his marraige, home, job and became homeless. After a couple years offered him to come home and get his life back on track. But my husband was very nasty to him & my son felt that he had to leave even though he had no where to go. After my husband passed away, I felt that I had to help my son whenever he needed help and I did because I love my son and felt that God told me to help him as I have helped my daughter buy the pizza business from my sister. I have prayed and felt at peace according to the Proverbs 3:5 & Proverbs 3:17 to help my son financially. I heard God say 'trust Me'. My son has been working. He hadn't gotten enough hours to pay for sharing a house and frequented the food bank. My daughter is paying the loan back but helping my son put me in $6000 debt. I have been able to make minimum payments every month & all my bills have been paid in full on time. I did offer him to come home and not worry about living out of his vehicle or food. My son doesn't say much to me because he doesn't want me to worry about him and that I have enough on my plate. No not any fears. Frustrations yes because when my son does talk to me, I think I respond in a way that gives him anxiety and relationship issues I think I have.

Background: female, 70 years old, Ukrainian, retired, widow for 4 years. I just had left hip replaced 8 weeks ago and in the future need both knees done. Been helping my daughter at her take out pizza business but not since the surgery. My income is now solely government pension. Still have a mortgage on my house that needs repairs. I love the Lord and am in His Word daily. Am part of Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club of which my husband had been a part of. I post daily Word on their site that am studying.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No and no.

Location: Kelvington, Saskatchewan, Canada

Feelings About People: I was the only one in my dream. I do not like the way my body looks. It needs to loose 40 pounds. I couldn't before because of the pain of my hip joint so exercising was impossible and lots of walking was not possible. Now I'm on a program and go to a physiotherapist and a place in town twice a week. I'm thinking positive that these 40 pounds are going to be gone by December, 2022.

Relationship Status: widowed ... not interested in looking. Had 4 husbands.

When And How Often: between 3am and 5am. First time I had this dream.
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